BazinGoing Above and Beyond, Hope Bazin, Criminal Justice student of Grantham University

On June 25, Hope Bazin, a Criminal Justice student, was formally recognized by the City of Copperas Cove Police Department for her part in stopping a home burglary.  She, along with the two police officers who came to her aid, received the Corporal Coin and an official letter detailing the apprehension.

Just two days prior, Bazin was out walking with her children and dogs when she heard someone breaking into a house.  Officers responded to the scene as the suspect was trying to flee.  While neighbors watched Bazin's children and dogs, she followed the suspect for more than three blocks and alerted the responding officers to the suspect's location.  He was then apprehended.

"Hope went above and beyond by assisting the officers in calling out the suspect's location, and with the combined efforts of the responding officers, a burglar was arrested," said Corporal Steven O'Neal, Jr.  "Due to the rapid response, no property was stolen."

Bazin enrolled into Grantham's Criminal Justice — Homeland Security program in 2007 because she was very interested in the law enforcement field and in the flexibility of online learning.  "Distance learning allows me to be at home with my children while continuing my education, especially when my husband is deployed," said Bazin.  "It is hard enough on the children when one parent is gone, so it is important to them that I am there."

When asked which Criminal Justice class was her favorite so far, Bazin said that it is hard to pick just one.  "I am currently enrolled in Psychology and Law and Understanding Terrorism, which are two courses that I have been excited to take," she said. "I love understanding how people think and work — analyzing people is fun for me."

Bazin is a veteran of the United States Air Force, serving as a meteorologist from 1998 until 2004, when she became pregnant with her first son.  She lives in Fort Hood, Texas with her husband, who is also an Air Force meteorologist, and two sons, ages 4 and 2 ½.  When she isn't busy studying, Bazin volunteers with her family and their dogs at the local nursing home.  She also manages to find time to sponsor play dates for the children in her husband's squadron.

Once she earns her Bachelor of Science degree, Bazin hopes to pursue a career as an investigator for Child Protection Services, a police officer, or in some type of Homeland Security capacity at Fort Hood.