Student Spotlight: David SoucyEducation - the key to making a difference - that's the way David Soucy, retired military veteran and current Grantham University student feels.  However, achieving his educational goals has been more challenging at times than he expected.

While in the military, David decided to further his education, so he could use the knowledge and experiences to help improve society.  "I researched Grantham University and found that the school had a lot to offer, including online degrees…this was great because I was working a full time job, raising a family and giving time to the military" said David.

While in the process of obtaining more information from Grantham, his mother passed away.  After collecting his thoughts, David decided that he had to follow through on his educational dreams.  "My goal is to help our younger generation understand how important life really is," he said.  "Life goes by so quickly and people don't take the time to stop and see what is happening."  Soon thereafter, David took the next step and began the enrollment process at Grantham.  "The staff was very professional; they helped me through the process, so I could use my military benefits,"  commented David.  Then, before he knew it, his classes started and life took another turn for the worse.  Not only did his health start to deteriorate, but his sister passed away.

"The odds were against me again," he said.  "Grantham University stepped up and told me about a full scholarship for members of the Army National Guard being offered by Grantham and GX magazine." He applied and was selected as the recipient of the GX Magazine ARNG Scholarship for the state of Massachusetts, which covers the cost of his entire bachelor's degree program.  "I felt like I was on the roller coaster ride of my life," commented David.  "I am fighting diabetes, COPD, asthma, kidney cancer and other medical issues, but I continue taking my classes. Thanks to Grantham, I earned my associate degree in Criminal Justice on May 19, 2010, and have started working toward my bachelor's degree."

When asked why he chose Grantham University, David said, "Grantham University is always there to help me out, and classes fit in with my schedule.  As a busy person with many responsibilities, this gives me a chance to educate myself and to help others."

David knows that his dream of helping others will become a reality with the degree he is diligently working toward, and he is already putting his education to good use.  He has volunteered with Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading and became a member of the Board of Directors and President of the supporter's board.