GU Life changersIn honor of service members and veterans all across the world, Grantham University staff volunteered their time at the Veterans Stand Down event for homeless veterans held in Kansas City, Kansas on Friday, November 18th, 2011. The Stand Down event is modeled after the "Stand Down" used during the Vietnam War where troops were given a break from fighting to get much needed rest, warm meals, showers and relief from battle fatigue.

At Stand Down, over 400 volunteers came together to provide assistance to around 629 homeless veterans and their dependents who want to break through established barriers and re-enter society to live a more fulfilling life. Veterans received assistance with medical needs, substance abuse, legal issues, taxes, housing and utility assistance, family counseling, mentorships, and educational and employment opportunities. Food, clothing and toiletries were also provided.

"What a touching and inspirational experience attending the Stand Down was for me," commented Lorna Dempster, Registration Services Representative at Grantham. "I expected to be moved by the stories Veteran's told, but was truly empowered by the shared experience with other volunteers who, like me, will always be grateful we had the opportunity to make a small difference in these heroes' lives."

Grantham staff spent the day handing out clothing and escorting veterans through the various aid stations.

ggb-standown-guysStaff Volunteers

Adriane Hunt
Audrey Criag
Charlyne Valizan
Christopher Sebelski
Dan Pratt
Eli Colson
Ernesto Gomez
Jeff Smith
Jermain Mattic
Jordan Elo
Les Hyde
Lorna Dempster
Ryan Yeager
Sharon Lucas
Terrance Higgins