Unlimited Opportunities with Humanities + Social Sciences online degrees

Maximize your career choices – and your transfer credits and experience – with one of Grantham’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences degrees. We offer one of the nation’s lowest tuition rates1 and with up to 75% of your program eligible for transfer credit, you can reduce your cost of education and time to earn your degree.

Whether you hope to earn a degree in one our criminal justice programs, strategic communications or multidisciplinary studies, we’re here to help you learn, grow, stretch, and transform your current understanding of our world. The faculty in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are industry professionals with real-world experience that bring your courses to life. They are eager to share their experiences to help you succeed in your chosen career path. At Grantham, you’ll refine the skills that employers seek in their star performers – critical thinking, communication and interpersonal relations.

Grantham University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences degree programs give you the versatility to explore several career paths. Degree programs are offered in:

  • Criminal Justice – Dive into criminal justice theory and law enforcement practice - and even specialize in Homeland Security and Computer Forensic Investigation
  • Multidisciplinary Studies - Leverage experiences and prior coursework to explore varied disciplines
  • Paralegal Studies – Gain foundational knowledge in legal support to start your paralegal career
  • Strategic Communications – Learn current, relevant theories and principles in communication

Grantham's online degree programs offer the perfect mix of flexibility and affordability, with options like scholarships, assistance with financial aid, and our Heroes Program for military, first responders and licensed or certified patient care workers.

We look forward to helping you each step of the way, from your first day of class through your walk across the stage to receive your diploma.

"A bachelor’s degree means success – over $1,800 more in monthly earnings than someone with only a high school diploma ... and half the unemployment rate.2 "

2SOURCE: Employment Predictions, March 2018, bls.gov/emp/chart-unemployment-earnings-education.htm