Former Command Chief Master Sergeant John M. Harris Former Command Chief Master Sergeant John M. Harris has served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 26 years.  Furthering his education was always important, but life intervened.  After deploying in support of OPERATION Enduring Freedom and recovering from the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Chief Harris was able to realize his goal.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Grantham University in May 2008 with a 3.81 GPA and is planning to graduate with his MBA in 2010.

During his appointment as Command Chief Master Sergeant, one of his responsibilities was to encourage Airmen to fully utilize all of the benefits available to them, including educational benefits.  Chief Harris believes that if he could finish his degree with a hectic travel schedule, family responsibilities, hurricane seasons, and while preparing for retirement, anyone can do it.

As the highest ranking enlisted member in the Louisiana Air National Guard, Chief Harris represented the interests of the enlisted corps to The Adjutant General and served as an advisor to The Assistant Adjutant General for Air.

Quote: "When I tell Airmen and Soldiers to take full advantage of their educational benefits, now I can lead by example and show them that it can be done." – Chief John Harris