Federally Employed WomenKansas City, Mo. – June 2, 2010 – Grantham University, an online university dedicated to providing educational opportunities to working adults for over 60 years, announced that Elizabeth Hill, a member of the Greater Atlanta chapter in the Southeast Region of Federally Employed Women (FEW), is the recipient of a full scholarship to Grantham University beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year.

"Being able to call a FEW member and tell the individual their tuition and fees are covered for a master's degree is a highlight of the FEW Foundation year," said Ms. Dawn Nester, president of the FEW Foundation for Education and Training.  "It is a pleasure to work with Grantham University to make this difference in a FEW member's life."

A member of FEW since 1999, Ms. Hill serves at the Program Manager for the Greater Atlanta chapter.  In her role, Ms. Hill has planned job fairs, implemented an educational program and facilitated classes on a variety of subjects that helped women advance in the federal employment system.  She plans to pursue a Master of Healthcare Administration degree, so she can continue to advance to the executive level within the VA healthcare system. "In addition to fulfilling a personal goal, this scholarship will give me more opportunities to advance FEW's mission to facilitate diversity, equal employment and advancement for women," said Ms. Hill.

"Grantham University is pleased to provide this scholarship to the FEW Foundation in support of its mission to help women advance their careers through education and training," said Dr. Cindy Hoss, president of Grantham University.  "The Foundation's initiatives closely align with our mission to provide accessible, affordable university education to students whose lifestyles and circumstances require innovative and creative learning strategies that are not always available at traditional institutions of higher learning."

Grantham's 100% online degree programs allow students to access their coursework when and where it is convenient for them, so they can fit education into their lives instead of arranging their lives around education.  For more information, visit www.grantham.edu or call 1-888-947-2684.

About FEW
The FEW Foundation for Education and Training is a 501(c) (3) charitable arm of Federally Employed Women, a national organization founded in 1968 with four focus areas: Diversity, Legislation, Compliance, and Training.  The Foundation focuses on providing opportunities for professional growth through workshops, education, and networking.  Its mission is to empower career achievement through education and training.  For more information, visit www.few.org and www.fewfoundation.org or call (202) 898-0994.