Kansas City, Mo. — August 26, 2009 — In recognition of the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Grantham University, www.grantham.edu, an online university specializing in educating working adults, donated four laptops to The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse For Greater New Orleans (CADA).  Chief Master Sergeant John Harris, an MBA student at Grantham University who sits on the Board of Directors at CADA, visited the University to accept the donation.  In addition to his service to CADA, CMSgt Harris serves with the Louisiana Air National Guard as The Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Noncommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) for the Louisiana Counterdrug Task Force.

"CADA is a small, non-profit organization and the laptops provided by Grantham will make an enormous difference both in agency management and delivery of services," said Alan Brickman, executive director of CADA.  "Prevention educators will use these laptops for presentations, workshops and programs to spread the message of prevention and early intervention in post-Katrina New Orleans.  Educating children and families about substance abuse is more important than ever."

Grantham University was located just outside of New Orleans, La., when many of its buildings were destroyed by the hurricane. Out of necessity, Grantham immediately relocated to Kansas City, Mo. to continue serving its base of students located around the globe.  Many of Grantham's employees relocated to Kansas City with the University in 2005. While some have returned to Louisiana to join their families, others have made their permanent homes in Kansas City.

"Although it has been some time since Hurricane Katrina stuck the Gulf Coast, devastation of that magnitude is not something that is easily forgotten," said Dr. John LaNear, President of Grantham University.  "Our move to Missouri was necessary to continue to serve our existing student body located around the globe. Nonetheless, Grantham will always maintain a memory of and connection with the Gulf Coast community. Our donation made in recognition of the fourth anniversary of Katrina is our way of acknowledging our history in Louisiana, and honoring and supporting the citizens of the Gulf Coast as they continue to rebuild their communities."

About CADA of Greater New Orleans:
The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse For Greater New Orleans is a non-profit community health agency that provides substance abuse prevention, assessment and early intervention to individuals and families of the Greater New Orleans area.  For nearly 50 years, CADA's prevention educators and counselors have reached out to students, parents, families, and community organizations with services to help in the prevention and intervention of alcohol and drug abuse.  CADA's services are offered within the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St. Charles, and Plaquemines.