Grantham UniversityJune 15, 2003 - 52 year old Grantham University announced today the appointment of George L. Colon, Sr. as its VA Certifying Official.

Mr. Colon served in the United States Army for 23 years, earning the rank of Master Sergeant. Most recently he worked as a Company Training Assessor and Developer for the Army. With over 10 years of experience as a senior manager, Mr. Colon has developed skills as a leader of not only people but also of productive and efficient work environments. "Grantham military students are very fortunate to have a man like George on their side" said Dr. Greg Garcia the Dean of Government Programs. "His thoroughness and keen ability to work with people make him an absolute asset to the Grantham family."

Master Sergeant Colon, who grew up in Puerto Rico, holds degrees in both Business Management and Human Resource Management from Summit University of Louisiana. He joined the Army after high school and used many of the available military educational assistance programs to obtain his degrees. Colon has been stationed at various posts in both the US and abroad. He currently resides in Slidell, LA with his wife and four children.

Grantham University has educated technology and engineering students from different parts of the world for more than fifty years and has added a degree program in business administration.

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