Grantham UniversityJanuary 2, 2006 - Just after ringing in the New Year, Grantham University celebrated its 55th Anniversary.

"Grantham University has been helping adult students achieve their educational dreams for over a half century, and we are very proud of this tradition." said Dr. Gary Sutter, Grantham University's Academic Dean. "Over the years, we have matriculated thousands of adult students, who have gone on to graduate schools and/or successful careers in a variety of industries."

Established in 1951, Grantham University, with a current enrollment of over 8,300 students, is a private institution of higher learning that specializes in educating the adult student. Our mission is to "level the playing field" by putting a quality college education within reach of adult learners based on the combined principles of accessibility, affordability and academic accountability.

All Grantham University courses are offered online and are self-paced, allowing students maximum flexibility to study at home, at work, or from almost anywhere in the world.

Grantham offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Engineering Management, Information Systems, Software Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, General Studies.

Keeping with Grantham's decades long history of serving the military and federal government marketplace, Grantham offers scholarships for active duty military, reserve, guard, veterans and their family members. Scholarship programs are also available for Federal Government employees and law enforcement professionals around the country.

For more information about Grantham University and its degree and scholarship programs, we invite you to visit: or call 1-888-947-2684.