Grantham UniversitySeptember 17, 2003 - Grantham University today awarded a full scholarship to Julia Dill, the adult dependent of Army Sergeant-Major Larry Strickland who was killed when American Airlines Flight #77 struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Julia and her family were living with Sergeant-Major Strickland at the time of his death, but because she is an adult, she qualified for no 9/11 educational assistance. Julia, a 28 year-old single mother from Arlington, VA, will pursue a business degree from Grantham.

"Many Americans made the ultimate sacrifice on 9-11," said Roy Winter, President of Grantham University. "As a parent, I applaud Sergeant-Major Strickland's continued support of his family. While we at Grantham can do only a small part, we are pleased to make the gift of knowledge available to his daughter."

Grantham University established its 9-11 Scholarship immediately after the terrorist attacks. Applicants must have lost a family member, or had a family member severely disabled as a direct result of the 9-11 attacks. Grantham invites all interested people to write to Mr. Winter at

A large percentage of Grantham University's 5,000 students are currently on active duty in the military and taking classes in engineering, business and computers science. These student/soldiers are based in the U.S. and at installations in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Winter felt these service men and women as well as military dependent families deserved assistance to offset one of the greatest expenses today's Americans face - a quality college education at a 4-year institution. In the last 18 months, Grantham has provided over $1 million in scholarship assistance to service men and women of every branch of the armed services.

Because Julia's father was active military, but she was neither an underage dependent nor active military herself, Julia's search for education assistance was not an easy one. As an adult student pursuing a 4-year degree, few options were available to her. A social worker suggested Grantham University and Julia contacted Grantham officials who were honored to offer her a full scholarship. Winter explained that Julia is the archetypal Grantham student - a working adult student ("non-traditional student") trying to make a better life for herself and her young son.

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