Kansas City, MO - If you're looking for work a local company claims to have a solution. They are hiring and offering degrees. They say recent layoffs and a recession are making their business stronger.

Grantham University, based in Kansas City, sells higher education online. Enrollment is up and administrators are looking for new hires, thanks in part to the economy.

"With the economy being the way it is and unemployment being about 7 percent, a lot of people are looking to get their degree or finish their degree," said Eric Lundstron, a trainer for Grantham University.

Lundstron says many of Grantham's new online students are recession casualties, workers laid off by companies like Circuit City and Sprint. Lundstron says the new students are determined to make themselves more desirable to employers by getting specialized training and degrees.

"It will make them more competitive in the job market and have a more secure job and keep a job," Lindstron said.

He says interest is so high, Grantham is hiring.

"In this economy, it's hard to believe, but we are seeking about 45 different positions at Grantham University from academics, admissions, finance, even human resources," Lindstron said.

Qualifications for available positions vary. If you are interested the university lists information on its Web site. Grantham hopes the growing demand continues.