Grantham UniversityMay 15, 2002 - Members of the military can now earn a college degree in the information technology or engineering technology fields, thanks to a new scholarship program from Grantham University.

Grantham University, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this year, is offering an unlimited number of scholarships to all of the nation's soldiers, sailors, airmen and members of other uniformed services.

Thomas M. Macon, Chairman and CEO of Grantham, stated "Grantham has long planned to do something to show our gratitude for the service of military men and women and had received approval in August of this year for the military scholarship program. Grantham University is especially proud to be able to announce the scholarship now, at a time when our uniformed men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect the rest of us."

Macon explained that the military scholarship covers the costs of required textbooks and software, and the tuition remaining after TA/DANTES benefits have been applied. If you are eligible for Tuition Assistance or DANTES, you may be eligible for Grantham University's Military Scholarship.

"The purpose of these scholarships - besides helping military students surmount barriers to higher education," said Macon, "is to express our gratitude, and Grantham University is proud to provide this program as part of our mission to make a college degree available to every qualified student."