4 kmov.com logoDecember 21, 2006 - Grantham University, specializing in educating working adults, plans to hire approximately 100 new employees at their Kansas City campus in 2007. Starting in January 2007, the university will be recruiting in the areas of admissions, student progress, accounts payable, accounts receivable, finance, computer programming, data analysis, software applications, training, financial aid and admissions' management.

"Our employees are known as 'life changers' because there's a real mission at Grantham to change lives by offering affordable education to everyone," said Jerome Wilson, director of human resources at Grantham University. "Each one of our employees can literally change a person's life by giving them the opportunity to obtain or complete their degree. An individual who completes their degree has increased job, promotional and financial opportunities."

Along with a competitive benefits package, Grantham University offers completely free tuition for its employees and spouses (or significant others). Discounted tuition is also available to immediate family members. The university encourages all of its employees to continue their education and rewards those that obtain degrees through Grantham. Employees that earn an associate degree receive a two percent salary increase as well as a $2,000 bonus. Employees that earn a bachelor's degree receive a five percent increase in salary along with a $5,000 bonus, and those that earn a master's degree receive a seven percent increase along with a $7,000 bonus.

Grantham University offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, General Studies, Computer Science, and other technology related fields. Grantham's degree programs are flexible and self-paced, allowing students to complete their coursework at the times and places that fit their busy schedules.

"We look forward to growing our employee base in Kansas City," adds Wilson. "This area has some talented people and provides an excellent base for recruiting top-notch individuals."

Currently, Grantham University has approximately 10,000 students and 200 employees in Kansas City. For those interested in working at Grantham University, call 1-888-947-2684 or www.grantham.edu.