Brian King and familyRecent Grantham University graduate, Brian King, US Air Force Retired, had some college under his belt and plenty of life experiences before finally making the decision to finish his degree. Originally, he was going to finish school before he retired, but life got too busy. Although Brian has a good job working as a government contractor, he just got to the point that he needed to complete his education in order to advance. But, he didn’t embark on this path alone.

Kathryn, Brian’s wife and proud mother of their two children, works at a private catholic high school. With two active kids and both working full time, there just wasn’t time for Brian to sit in a classroom, so online courses were the way to go.

Brian chose Grantham because we offered the classes he needed, and he could use his Post 9-11 GI Bill to go back to school without being financially burdensome to the family. The convenience of online courses and the military friendly atmosphere were also positives. The flexibility of choosing classes and the opportunity to move through the program at a pace that worked for their ever changing family schedule proved to be exactly what the King family needed.

“It was great to see Brian change over the course of two years as he was working through his degree program,” said Kathryn.  “He found the different classes he enrolled into interesting, although at times they did challenge him.”

What turned out to be a challenge for Kathryn (and for anyone who has a loved one going back to school) was having three “kids” in school and making sure everyone got their homework done! What Kathryn may not realize is that, oftentimes, lack of family support is one of the critical reasons adult students drop out of college. By taking on extra duties around the house, managing the family, and providing continuous encouragement, Kathryn helped Brian be successful and focus on his coursework.

With a lot of love, support and communication, Brian accomplished his Bachelor of Science in Business Management. The future looks bright for the King family.  Brian now has several different opportunities of upward mobility because of receiving his long awaited degree.

The King’s currently have a son who is a sophomore in college and their daughter will be graduating from high school this May. They have been busy the last twenty years chasing kids who were active in school activities and playing several sports. Even though they all are involved in several community services organizations, Brian and Kathryn are now wondering what they will be doing with all their extra time when they take on their new roles of “empty nesters” in September!  Who knows, maybe Brian will use all that extra time in earning his master’s degree next.