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Olathe School District’s Tomahawk Elementary librarian Krista Hardy joins Grantham University in supporting STEM education; on Wednesday, March, 29th in Washington D.C., all will attend FMC’s 20th Annual Statesmanship Awards Dinner entitled STEM: Empowering Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders

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Back Row (L to R): Carl Hill, Gene Lloyd Middle Row: Lauren Lloyd, Tabitha Davis, Anna Liu, Ti Timney First Row: Dr. Jeffrey Cropsey, Dr. Cheryl Hayek, Krista Hardy

KANSAS CITY— Every year, more than 400 VIP guests, including Members of Congress, ambassadors, corporate representatives and administration officials, are invited to the Annual Statesmanship Awards Dinner in Washington D.C. to pay tribute to a variety of important causes. This year, the 20th Annual Statesmanship Awards Dinner is focusing on STEM: Empowering Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders.

Representatives from Grantham University will be attending the event and have invited librarian Krista Hardy, from Tomahawk Elementary School, located in Olathe, Kan., as their honored guest. The dinner is dedicated to the individuals and organizations across the country who have been dedicated to supporting STEM education, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Hardy has played an important role in promoting STEM education at Tomahawk Elementary.

“We are increasing our focus on a STEM/Makerspace initiative in our library program at Tomahawk Elementary School,” Hardy said. “The library is the hub of our building and every student visits the library each week. It seemed fitting to put our resources where every student would have access to enhance their learning opportunities.”

Grantham University has adopted Tomahawk Elementary in an effort to support STEM education. Tomahawk Elementary school is already working to provide STEM experiences for students, but lack the resources to improve the current program. Grantham University took the opportunity to donate an Ozobot Classroom Kit, which includes 18 Ozobot robots.

Grantham University’s Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science, Dr. Nancy Miller, worked directly with Hardy to make this contribution possible.

“We see the way technology is changing the world we live in,” Miller said. “Every day, I am able to share my insight and experiences with adults advancing their career in technology. To be able to help instill the value of STEM education in the children at Tomahawk Elementary is fulfilling for me and an important opportunity for Grantham University as we desire to support the pipeline of future technology leaders.”

These Statesmanship Awards Dinner attendees will have the opportunity to hear how industry leaders, such as Microsoft and, support STEM education and empower the future leaders in technology.

“It is an honor to be attending the Statesmanship Awards Dinner in D.C.,” said Grantham University Interim President Dr. Cheryl Hayek. “At Grantham, we are dedicated to serving others in our community, and by using our resources to provide elementary school students a better learning experience, we are actively pursuing one of our main goals as an institution. The dinner provides us an opportunity to recognize the efforts of others who are also doing great work to support STEM education.”

About Grantham University: Established in 1951, today the 100% online university offers more than 50 online undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates. The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers 13 different degree programs and is designed to prepare adult learners for careers in engineering, computer and information technologies through online integrated curricula that blend theory, application and general skills needed to succeed in a changing global society.