Months before Hurricane Katrina made it nearly impossible to conduct business in southern Louisiana, Tom Macon had decided to move much of his company, the online Grantham University, to Kansas City, Mo. He had witnessed Hurricane Ivan last year and concluded it was too risky to have all his operations on the Louisiana coastline.

So after Katrina's strike, Mr. Macon used his toehold in Missouri to move the business -- and every employee who wanted to go along -- from the New Orleans suburb of Slidell virtually overnight. Through nimbleness, advanced planning and some luck, Grantham was able to save itself and offer its 140 employees something most other small business in the area could not: jobs, albeit 905 miles from home. The company's quick action has given many workers a sense of security and normalcy in trying times.

View the entire article about Grantham University relocating to Kansas City from the Sept. 13, 2005 issues of The Wall Street Journal here: 2005_09_13_wallstreet_journal.pdf