Grantham UniversityApril 21, 2006 - State Treasurer Sarah Steelman welcomed Missouri's newest institute of higher education to Kansas City this week in a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday. Steelman was instrumental in helping Grantham University relocate to Missouri following Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed the school's facilities in Slidell, La.

Encouraging the relocation of Grantham University was part of a larger effort by the State Treasurer's Office to accommodate businesses, institutions and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Hurricane Katrina was a disaster that affected us all," Steelman said. "The state of Missouri has worked hard to help the people of New Orleans who were victims of Hurricane Katrina recover their lives and move past this tragedy."

"We're grateful for the warm welcome and generosity we have received from the Kansas City community," said Thomas M. Macon, chairman of Grantham University. "The citizens and business community contributed significantly to the support of our employees and their families when they needed it most."

Grantham University, an accredited online university that specializes in educating working adults, has leased 30,000 square feet at Zona Rosa for its new facilities. While 60 employees relocated from the New Orleans area to Kansas City soon after the hurricane, the school has created 150 new jobs for the city and plans to create more before 2007.

"I am proud to welcome Grantham University to Kansas City, and to offer our students another option for higher education," Steelman said. "We should strive to ensure every child has the chance to go to college, and Grantham University helps extend that opportunity to working adults, as well. "

Grantham University, which was established in 1951, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, General Studies, Computer Science, and other technology-related degrees to its more than 9,500 students.

"Grantham University has more than 50 years of proven success in educating working adults," Steelman said. "The school's addition to Missouri not only helps create new jobs, it provides quality education that will help our students and our state continue to develop and grow."