grantham university logoJune 18, 2007 - Grantham University, an online university specializing in educating working adults, today announced that the U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) Scholarship Foundation awarded a four-year Grantham University scholarship to Maryanna Hedge. The scholarship, valued at $34,000, covers: tuition costs, required textbooks, software, fees and shipping of the course materials.

Mrs. Hedge was very excited about the USAWOA/Grantham University Scholarship program. When she first heard about the program, she said, "Wow! This is amazing and exactly what I need."

The opportunity to further her college education means a lot to Mrs. Hedge because she never thought that college would be an option for her. When she got married and had two daughters, her priorities began to change. "As a mother, anything that inherently changes my life for the better also affects my children," said Mrs. Hedge. "The more exposure I have to furthering my education, the more I will have to offer my daughters. I will be able to provide my daughters with a strong foundation, necessary guidance to enter the college arena, and also the financial ability to pay for it."

"Education plays an important role in everyone's lives," said Christine Shelly, executive vice President of Grantham University. "Providing a scholarship to a deserving USAWOA member is one small way that we can make a big difference in someone's life."

Mrs. Hedge plans to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and then continue on to earn an MBA.

Grantham University offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, General Studies, Computer Science, and other technology related fields. Grantham's degree programs are flexible and self-paced, allowing students to complete their coursework at times and places that fit their busy schedules.

Grantham's faculty, administration, and advisors are comprised of educators, business executives, industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Among the advisors are Dr. Herbert I. London, founder, endowed chair, and former Dean of Students at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study; John Ashford, an advisor to Fortune 100 companies as Chairman and CEO of The Hawthorne Group; David E. Baker, Brig. Gen. (USAF, Ret.), a decorated fighter pilot and Senior Vice President for the Stanford Washington Research Group; and Rear Admiral Karen Harmeyer, former Chief Staff Officer, Navy Surgeon General, OPNAV 093R.

About the USAWOA Scholarship Foundation
The United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that focuses on providing scholarships to qualified family members of warrant officers serving in or retired from the United States Army, the U. S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. Due to the frequency of relocations many of these family members do not have the opportunity to develop relationships which would result in their gaining assistance in the growing costs of obtaining a college education. For more information, visit the USAWOA website or call (703) 742-7727.