AU-ABC Program

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The Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) program is an initiative between Air University of the Air Force and 100% online Grantham University to offer baccalaureate degree opportunities to Air Force enlisted members. The AU-ABC Program aligns with the vision of Air Force leaders to provide distance learning and bachelor’s degree opportunities for Airmen.

If you are a current student or have graduated with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), you may be eligible to complete your baccalaureate degree with Grantham by leveraging your associate degree through the AU-ABC Program. And because Grantham offers frequent class starts, you can get started anytime you’re ready to earn a degree on your terms. To talk with someone about entering the AU-ABC program, call Grantham at (888) 947-2684 today.

  • Active-duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard
  • Degree requirements may be completed after you retire or separate from the Air Force (retired or veteran Airmen who have received a qualifying CCAF degree are also eligible)
  • You receive a binding degree completion contract to lock in the transfer credit and remaining degree requirements
About AU-ABC

Grantham University is proud to support the vision of the AU-ABC program. The program creates partnerships between the Air Force and accredited “military friendly” civilian higher education schools to:

  • Give Airmen with an AAS degree from CCAF the opportunity to earn a career-related (AF-relevant) four-year degree by completing an additional 60 semester hours
  • Maximize the application of military career education and training
  • Provide online academic and support services for the enlisted member

To be a part of the AU-ABC program, education partners must:

  • Meet specific accreditation standards
  • Require no more than 60 semester hours after the AAS degree for a bachelor’s degree
  • Deliver instruction via distance learning
  • Maximize application of military credit
  • Relate degree programs to an Air Force specialty

Airmen holding one of the following associate degrees from CCAF can apply to the corresponding approved Grantham University baccalaureate degree program:

CCAF Associated Degree Program Grantham Univeristy Bachelor's Degree Program
Contracts Management – 1CAO
Financial Management – 9GEC
Human Resource Management – 1AOY
(Formerly Personnel Administration)
Logistics – 1AMY
Public Affairs – 2FDE
Restaurant, Hotel & Fitness Management –
8A200 or 1FRS
Restaurant, Hotel & Fitness Management –
Social Services – 9IKY
Transportation – 1ATY
Business Administration (BBA)
Criminal Justice – 9IJY
Paralegal – 1CAM
Criminal Justice (BA)
Information Systems Technology – O1YY Information Systems (BS)
Healthcare Management – 7GCY Health Information Management (BS)
Cyber Security – 0CYC Cyber Security (BS)

Airmen can also enroll in approved individual courses at Grantham University to transfer into the CCAF Associate of Applied Science degree.

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