AU-ABC Program

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Thanks to a partnership between Grantham University and the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC), AU-ABC students can seamlessly transfer course credits to one of Grantham University’s online bachelor’s degree programs.

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    • Active-duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard


  • You receive a binding degree completion contract to lock in the transfer credit and remaining degree requirements


About AU-ABC

Grantham University is proud to support the vision of the AU-ABC program. The program creates partnerships between the Air Force and accredited “military friendly” civilian higher education schools to:

  • Give Airmen with an AAS degree from CCAF the opportunity to earn a career-related (AF-relevant) four-year degree by completing an additional 60 semester hours
  • Maximize the application of military career education and training
  • Provide online academic and support services for the enlisted member

To be a part of the AU-ABC program, education partners must:

  • Meet specific accreditation standards
  • Require no more than 60 semester hours after the AAS degree for a bachelor’s degree
  • Deliver instruction via distance learning
  • Maximize application of military credit
  • Relate degree programs to an Air Force specialty

Download this matrix for more information on how your CCAF associate degree directly transfers to a Grantham degree.

Get a head start on a Grantham bachelor’s degree – and a host of new career opportunities – with the education you have already received from the Air Force, CCAF and AU-ABC and this streamlined partnership with Grantham University.

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