Federal Government Employee Programs

Are you a federal government employee with an eye on career advancement, but lack the college education you need to pursue government job promotions?

Grantham University can help!

The coursework for these programs could be your next step toward earning a college degree – up to 16 credit hours are eligible for transfer credit toward an associate or bachelor’s degree program!

At Grantham University, we thrive on seeing our students realize their educational and professional aspirations. For 65 years, we’ve helped busy adult learners earn their college education without losing sight of other job and family obligations. Let us help you with:


  • 100% online convenience for anytime, anywhere education (all you need is an Internet connection!)
  • Accredited, professionally relevant certificate and degree programs
  • Frequent course starts, eight-week classes for optimum flexibility
  • Low tuition rates and affordable payment options, including scholarship programs available to eligible federal government employees

Don’t let another day go by without talking to Grantham about how to make your education – and promotion opportunities – happen for you. Call us today at (888) 477-6830 or email us at cpp@grantham.edu to learn more.