Military Transfer Credits

As a service member, the on-the-job learning you've already experienced may be transferable into college credit.


University of Arkansas Grantham wants to provide military members like you with a first-class education. We accept military tuition assistance and offer 100% online programs so you can fit education into your schedule. And, it's possible that your military service and training can count toward transfer credits.

UA Grantham accepts exams through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program for review of transfer credit eligibility. These exams are distributed through two different programs funded by DANTES: The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). Combined, there are over 70 different subject students can test over, and the initial test if at no cost through DANTES.

The DANTES Program


DANTES provides no-cost education and career-planning programs for U.S. military members. Included are several programs designed to help military members at every stage of their military career—from entry into the service to civilian transition. DANTES offers two examination programs that allow service members the opportunity to earn college credit for what they already know. The exams are fully funded by DANTES, saving exam-takers hundreds or even thousands of dollars in education costs.

Exam Subjects

More than 38 subjects are recognized through the DSST program and separated into the following categories: business, humanities, math, physical science, social science and technology. Individuals can be tested on foundational topics within business and human ethics, personal finance, college-level algebra, human development, criminal justice, information technology, cybersecurity and more.

The CLEP program offers exams covering many of the same topics offered by the DSST program, with the addition of English literature, college-level composition, foreign languages in Spanish, French, or German, biology, calculus, and chemistry. Each of these exams will take up to two hours to complete.


Nearly all military personnel are eligible for the DANTES program, including active duty, Guard and Reserve components. The U.S. Coast Guard and its Reserve members are eligible if they hold a valid Common Access Card.

Air Force Civil Service members are eligible for the CLEP testing program, but exams must be completed at one of the testing centers on base. Spouses of active and Reserve members of the U.S. Coast Guard are also eligible for testing if they hold the Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card.

Veterans who have been discharged from military service, are inactive within the National Guard or Reserve, or who have retired are not eligible for the program. Other ineligible personnel include any spouses or dependents of active duty Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard and Reserve members, and employees of the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve.

Preparing for an Exam

To prepare for a DANTES examination, eligible service members can utilize no cost materials at military education centers or local libraries, where available. They can also review content on the official CLEP and DANTES websites.

Testing Policies

Service members can take a DANTES exam at a variety of locations—on or off base. Off-base testing centers are located at certain colleges, universities, high schools and assessment centers across the United States. DANTES covers the cost of the exam regardless of where it’s taken, but service members may be responsible for administrative fees if they take the test at an off-base location. You can find eligible locations through the CollegeBoard website and filter results between all testing centers and locations funded by DANTES.

If a service member is unsatisfied with their exam score, they may have an opportunity for retesting if desired. Those retaking an exam are responsible for all administrative and examination fees, which vary by testing center. There is also a three-month waiting period before the service member is able to test again.

Exam Outcomes

In many cases, service members will know their final score shortly after completing the examination. UA Grantham recognizes scores that are distributed through the Joint Services Transcript (JST). If a passing exam is accepted into an institution for college credit, it should be expected that these credits will go toward general education and entry-level topics within the discipline tested over. Utilizing these types of transfer credits can greatly reduce overall tuition cost and time commitment toward an undergraduate program.

Getting Started

To get started on your degree, send us the documentation of your military and professional training, CLEP, DANTES, DSST scores and prior college transcripts. We will review all of these documents to determine the number of transfer credits you can receive.

Ordering Your Military Transcripts

Send us your transcripts and scores now to learn how many transfer credits you have. Below are a few links that can help you order your transcripts. For more information, fill out an online form and an admissions representative will contact you. You can also ask to receive emails about our degree programs, tuition options and the enrollment process.