Refund and Withdrawal Policies

University of Arkansas Grantham’s primary goal is for you to successfully complete your education at our institution and move forward in advancing your career. However, we realize there are unique situations that can cause a student to withdraw.

Institutional Refund Policy

(This policy is separate and distinct from any federal policy.)

A student may withdraw from University of Arkansas Grantham for any reason and is responsible for completing the University’s formal withdrawal procedures as outlined in the Withdrawal Policy. In addition, if a student registered via an online military portal, it is the student’s responsibility to withdraw via that same online military portal. A withdrawal is considered to have occurred on the date the student officially notifies the University of the desire to withdraw or on the date the University determines the student ceased attendance or failed to meet published academic policies and is administratively withdrawn, whichever comes first. This is the date of determination used to compute the refund according to institutional policy

If a student is withdrawn from the University for any reason or if a student drops a course(s) within the period allowed in any given eight-week term, the amount already paid will be compared to the tuition of the completed portion of that eight-week term. Any amount the student has paid in excess of the required amount will be refunded; if the student has paid less than the required amount, the student will be responsible for paying the difference.

Time of Withdrawal
Within 7 days of course start date
8-14 days after course start date
15-21 days after course start date
22-28 days after course start date
29-35 days after course start date*
36 days or more after course start date

*60% course completion occurs on day 34

UA Grantham is subject to and must abide by the refund policies of any branch, agency or department of the federal government with which it is in any way associated or affiliated. In the event of a conflict between UA Grantham’s Institutional Refund Policy and the refund policy of an affiliated federal branch, agency or department, the federal refund policy may supersede that of University of Arkansas Grantham (see the Return of Title IV Funds section in the catalog for information).

Refund policy example:
For example, if a student withdraws from University of Arkansas Grantham on Day 11 of a term, 85 percent of the tuition will be refunded. In this situation, the following calculation will apply:

$915.00 (tuition for one three-credit hour course)
-$777.75 (the refund amount, which equates to 85% of the course tuition)
$137.25 (the remaining 15% of the course tuition, which is the responsibility of the student)

This is an example only. Student finances are individualized and vary from student to student.

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