At a special reduced tuition rate* of $250/credit hour for USDA employees, you can advance your education and career at Grantham University, known for its low cost, exceptional convenience and challenging online programs.

Grantham enables you to satisfy continuing education requirements, with USDA-approved coursework that can also be applied toward one of Grantham’s many degree and certificate programs.

In addition to the special $250/credit hour civil servant tuition rate,* Grantham offers USDA employees:

  • A choice of more than 50 online degrees and certificates
  • Eight week classes that start each month
  • Relevant coursework eligible for continuing education requirements
  • USDA tuition reimbursement compatibility
  • Scholarships and financial aid (for those who qualify)

*A $45 technology fee applies to each term.

Added Benefit for FSIS Employees

Additionally, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) employees can apply up to 40 semester credit hours in related USDA-approved science coursework to prepare for the Consumer Safety Officer Qualification.

Several qualifying English and writing courses are available, as well, to help improve report writing and other career-enhancing skills. — ideal to help improve your report writing, and build workplace skills that are important to advancing your career.

USDA-Approved Courses

Science Courses
BIO113 Anatomy and Physiology (3)
BIO116 Introduction to Pathophysiology (3)
BIO117 Introduction to Pharmacotherapy (3)
CH201 Chemistry and Society (3)
CH205 General Chemistry w/lab (4)
GS102 Introduction to Life Science (3)
GS103 Introduction to Physical Science (3)
GA194 Introduction to Environmental Science (3)
PH201 Physics Concepts and Connections (3)
PH220 Physics I (3)
PH221 Physics II (3)
English and Writing Courses
CO102 Conflict and Communications (3)
CO210 Business Communications (3)
EN101 English Composition I (3)
EN102 English Composition II (3)
EN361 Technical Writing (3)

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