Henley-Putnam UniversityYou took the first step at Henley-Putnam University, earning credits online for some tough computer-centric coursework. Now take the extra step and complete your education at Grantham University. Transfer your Henley-Putnam credit hours to an applicable program at Grantham and earn your bachelor’s degree.

At Grantham, we’ve been educating adult learners like you for more than 65 years. We understand the challenges you face every day. So we make it easier to juggle work, family and school with:

  • Affordable tuition rates
  • 100% online convenience
  • Weekly term starts, eight-week-long classes
  • Career Services: Resume building and job search assistance
  • Award-winning student support

A bachelor’s degree from Grantham can make a huge impact on career opportunities. Your educational journey began with Henley-Putnam … now use that head start to complete your degree in any number of career fields. Come be a part of Grantham’s growing family of motivated, goal-oriented students

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