No More Roadblocks for Your Educational Journey

Kendall College and Grantham University team up to help you pursue your degree!

Kendall CollegeGrantham University has partnered with Kendall College to help students from either institution achieve their goals for a business degree. This course-to-course agreement streamlines the process of transferring credit hours from one school to the next.

From our 100% online learning format to course-to-course transfer agreements, finding ways to help adult learners like you achieve academic goals is nothing new for Grantham University. We’ve been at it for more than 65 years. We understand the challenges you face every day. So we make it easier to juggle work, family and school with:

Affordable tuition rates
100% online convenience
Continuous course starts throughout the year
Short 8-week-long courses
Award-winning student support
Career Services: Resume building and job search assistance
The Kendall College Course-to-Course Matrix for Business

From career opportunities to career changes, you know the right education – and degree – can make a huge impact on your future. Join Grantham’s growing family of motivated, goal-oriented students and move on down the road to a business degree!

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