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Earn an ACEN-accredited online nursing degree from Grantham University's School of Nursing. Rated a Top 10 Online Nursing Program for 2019/201, our online degrees enable you to pursue your career dreams and maximize your potential.

Grantham’s School of Nursing offers three online education options: an RN-BSN Degree Completion program and a Master of Science in Nursing. Each option gives you the ability to transition from RN to BSN and even further to an MSN through the graduate program – giving you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

How Nursing Can Be a Rewarding Career

The field of nursing is a hugely popular field for new medical professionals. Nurses have been providing care to patients for centuries, with innovations and technology changing the way that these professionals carry out their daily duties on a regular basis. Before entering into degree programs that can lead you into a career in nursing, it is important to consider the rewards of being a part of this incredible field. The benefits to becoming a nurse can go well beyond what is expected by those that have yet to enter the field.

If you were to look through job openings within your area, you might see listings for nurses at hospitals and medical clinics. This is because nurses are in high demand all over the country. Choosing to pursue a degree in nursing can make for a great quality of life for those involved. Grantham University can provide students with quality education in the field of nursing, allowing for diverse learning opportunities through specialization acquisition and course room experience. Knowing that you have a career to last a lifetime is a great feeling, especially when planning to invest four or more years in an educational program.

As a professional nurse, you could have the opportunity to work with clients from all backgrounds and ways of life. Some people enjoy waking up to new experiences each day, which is why nursing a great choice for people with the desire to pursue diverse experiences. Nurses working in hospitals or emergency clinics may receive extensive training for work with children, adults and even the elderly. Cultural factors may also be a consideration during your nursing education, since there are so many different cultures within the United States. If you are the type of person that is always on the lookout for new and exciting learning opportunities, the field of nursing is a great place to start.

People may also choose to work in the nursing field due to the flexibility of this career choice. Some individuals may prefer to work in calmer settings such as primary care clinics or schools, while others prefer a more fast-paced experience in emergency rooms or hospitals. Hospitals and medical centers that employ nurses are often hiring for shifts during the day, the afternoon and at night. Since patients in these facilities continuously need care, nurses are sought after to fill a wide variety of positions. People that become nurses can have the option to pursue different types of shift, certain hours of the week or even PRN positions.

Becoming a nurse does not mean that you have certain duties to tend to each day, without some variation. When you decide to become a nurse, you can possibly choose a specialty to go alongside your nursing degree. This can help to spruce up your abilities as a nursing professional, as well as provide some variety for your everyday work experiences. Specialties for nursing can help focus your education on the group or subject of your concentration, which can promote better expertise and knowledge in your field. Having a concentration with your degree can also help you obtain better paying positions throughout your experience.

Making a Difference
Nurses have the opportunity to make decisions that can increase a person’s quality of life. Some nurses find it fulfilling to work with children or the aging population, which can promote feelings of happiness or satisfaction within their current career. Others are simply overjoyed with the opportunity to help others when they are at their most vulnerable points. If you enjoy helping others, being a health service provider can assist you with finding satisfaction within your career. You are encouraged to seek out specializations within the field that are relevant to your interests so you can truly enjoy the people you work around.


Case Management (MSN)
The case management specialization provided by Grantham University is a great option for nursing professionals who are interested in working with patient referrals and treatment programs in their career. Throughout the curriculum for this program, students can learn about the various health services and programs available to patients in clinical settings, methods for teaming with other health-related organizations and the regulations present within the patient care sector. There may be job opportunities available to professionals with this specialization in clinical settings, as well as with state agencies that are focused on human services.

Nursing Education (MSN)
Nurse educators can make a huge contribution to the field of nursing. Within this specialty, nurses can learn techniques and tools for teaching others that aspire to be great nurses. Some of the course work for this concentration may include Curriculum Development, Concepts of Distance Education and Diverse Populations and Healthcare. These topics can contribute to how well nurse educators assist with providing great quality education to current and upcoming nursing professionals. The skills that can be acquired through this specialization can help nursing professionals become effective trainers in a clinical environment or instructors at the college level.

Nursing Informatics (MSN)
Since technology is so influential and involved in the healthcare field, nursing students can have the option to pursue IT-based specializations alongside their standard nursing courses. Nursing informatics takes into consideration the need for additional learning with computer information systems, information security and database management. Some of the topics covered in this specialty include a look into different healthcare systems and the legal and ethical constituents of healthcare information systems.

Nursing Management & Organizational Leadership (MSN)
Nurses interested in becoming leadership professionals during the course of their career are encouraged to enroll in a specialization that can help them learn more about how the nursing field operates. Nursing management and organizational leadership courses can include courses that help students gain better management skills, communication skills and ethical methods for daily progress. Pursuing a career as a management professional in healthcare can have certain benefits, as well, with the BLS reporting that healthcare managers can earn around $98,350 per year while working in the United States.

Our Mission

Grantham University School of Nursing Faculty is committed to transforming nursing through the provision of an innovative advanced nursing education that removes barriers such as accessibility, deployment, and discrimination. The School of Nursing provides an asynchronous online learning community for students from diverse cultures to expand the evidence-based practice of professional nursing through transformational leadership leading to improved health outcomes in a global society.

Read the school’s complete mission statement and philosophy here.

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Online Nursing Degree Programs

The School of Nursing in Grantham University offers the following online degree programs:
RN-BSN Degree Completion (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

The School of Nursing's Master of Science in Nursing program comes in four distinct Specializations:
Case Management (MSN)
Nursing Education (MSN)
Nursing Informatics (MSN)
Nursing Management & Organizational Leadership (MSN)

The School of Nursing in Grantham University offers the following:
RN-MSN Preparatory Coursework - (no longer open to new students)

Announcing ACEN accreditation

Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
Grantham University is proud to announce accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) for the School of Nursing. This prestigious accreditation from an organization committed to excellence in nursing education serves to validate the quality of our nursing programs, faculty and process.

Important Documents for Online Nursing Degree Programs

These documents are provided to help you in your nursing education and your career:
Nursing Student Handbook

Nursing Faculty

The faculty for Grantham’s School of Nursing are master educators and professional mentors – with plenty of real-world practice in their fields – dedicated to teaching, scholarship and service.

Cheryl Rules, PhD, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNE;
Dean, College of Nursing & Allied Health
Gloria Ohmart, EdD, MN, RN
Pat Winberg, MSN, RN;
Chair, School of Nursing & Allied Health
Evelyn Bowman, PhD, MSN, RN
Margaret McGannon, MSN, RN Patricia Frost, MSN, RN
Nikki Kemp, MSN, RN, FNP Joan Haizlip, MSN, RN
Kelli Reid, MSN, RN Carol Howland, MSN, RN
Susan Troell, RN, RDH,MSN, MEd Delaney LaRosa, MSN, RN
Kristine Broger, DNP, MHA, RN, CCRN Renee Kelly, DNP, MSN, RN
Carmen Spears, DHA, MSN, BSN, RN Kristine Weber, DNP, RN
Timothy Farrell, DNP, RN Mary Jane Neri, DNP, MSN, RN, CSSM, CNOR

Nursing Program Disclosures

Students should review the educational and employment regulations for practice in the state(s) in which they are licensed. Grantham University makes no guarantee that the completion of course work in a program will permit an individual to obtain licensure, endorsement, state or national credentials, and/or employment. Individual schools and/or Boards of Nursing establish their own requirements for matriculation into higher levels of education.

Grantham University is driven and aligned under 3 pillars:
Student Success – Students are positioned for the greatest success when the institution is passionate about their success.
Student Experience – Students should have an experience that is seamless, supportive and easy to navigate.
University Excellence – Continually improving, challenging ourselves and others, and creating an exceptional educational offering.