Grading Policy

Course Grades

A numerical grade is awarded for each assignment and milestone in a course and course grades are computed using these numerical grades. Each course contains a notice of how the course grade is computed. UA Grantham awards a letter grade for each course for which grade points are earned, based on the four-point scale. Grades of I and W are not calculated in the grade point average.

Each course at University of Arkansas Grantham has the grading methodology included in the course syllabus. The weight of all assignments is identified, including the weight of any final exam that may be required in the course. For all courses that require a final exam, the syllabus clearly states the percentage of the final. No retakes of the final exam will be given.

Course Grade
Quality Points
A (90-100)
A = 4.0
B (80-89)
Above Average
B = 3.0
C (70-79)
C = 2.0
D (60-69)
Below Average
D = 1.0
F (below 60)
F = 0.0
Not computed
Not computed

Rounding of Final Grades

The final grade is displayed to two decimal places using standard rounding rules. The grade is rounded up if the decimal is 0.50 or above. The grade is rounded down if the grade is below 0.50. For example, a grade of 89.50% is recorded as 90% or a grade of A. When the final grade computes to 79.49%, it is recorded as 79%, a grade of C.

Incomplete Grades

If a student is unable to complete a course within the eight-week term due to extraordinary circumstances, a request for an Incomplete (I) can be made and must originate from only the student. Students with at least 50% of coursework completed, exclusive of discussions, may request an Incomplete from the instructor before final course grades have been submitted. Students may be required to provide documentation of the reported extraordinary circumstances.

If the instructor grants the request for an Incomplete, the student will be given an additional 14 days of course access. At the end of the additional 14 days, any remaining Incomplete course requirements will be awarded a grade of zero and averaged into the final grade, which will remain on the transcript.

Grade Reports

Grade reports can be accessed through the student portal after course completion.

Grade Appeal

A student must initially attempt to resolve a grade issue with the individual instructor. For those cases where the student feels the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved with the instructor, the student may submit an appeal to the program administrator.

  1. The grade protest must be received within two weeks of the course end date.
  2. The request is directed to the appropriate administrator, who will review all written documents and render a decision in a timely manner.