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Course Textbook Information

Finding the right textbook for your online course is simple. Eagle Educational Resources, Grantham University’s online bookstore, provides textbook lists based on your semester courses and offers pertinent information, such as International Standard Book Number (ISBN), retail price, title, publisher and copyright date. Click the button below to get started.

Textbook Pricing


Course Schedule Information

Academic Year and Calendar
Grantham University operates on a weekly enrollment cycle. Each term is a period of eight weeks (56 days). Some courses may not be available on a weekly basis. Online course sections are limited to no more than 25 students. If more than 25 students enroll in a course for a term, additional sections will be added as needed. Students should check the course schedule at the Student Portal or contact their Student Advisor. For the current list of start and end dates please see the Academic Calendar.


Academic Year for Students Receiving Federal Student Aid (FSA)
Students interested in Federal Student Aid (FSA) must establish the academic year during which they wish to receive aid. The academic year at Grantham is two 16-week semesters long; each semester contains two eight-week class sessions. On the Declaration of Intent (DOI) form, students select the month their academic year begins; it then continues for the following eight consecutive months. Each semester runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Once a student has completed a DOI form, the dates for all four class sessions in their academic year are fixed. Students who have established an academic year for financial aid purposes always begin their semesters on the first Wednesday of the month. The first session in the semester begins on that day. The second session of the semester begins on the Wednesday immediately following the end of the first session.

For the current Grantham University sessions open to students receiving FSA and how they are combined into semesters and academic years, please reference the FSA Calendar.


University Holidays
The University observes and will close its offices on 10 holidays, as indicated on our Holiday page.

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