10 Life Hacks for Online Students to Make Learning Successful

Home is where the heart is and also where our favorite distractions live. (Netflix marathon, anyone?) These shiny things can easily take away our attention and motivation to be productive. As an online student, you may find studying at home is challenging. You may even feel disconnected from your instructors and peers. But there’s good news, which we’ve outlined below in the form of 10 simple student life hacks. These tips will help you stay engaged, on track and ready…Read +

Managing Summer Courses With Kids at Home

Every parent knows how hard it can be to finish even the simplest tasks with kids at home during summer break. At Grantham University, there are many stay-at-home moms and dads who juggle watching their children with their online courses in the summer. Those three months can be tough for student-parents. Kids get bored and want attention. Fortunately, experience has taught us some handy tips for keeping kids occupied while Mom or Dad get much-needed study time. If you’re considering…Read +

Balancing School and Work with a Side Hustle

In the not-so-distant past, higher education changed significantly as a result of new internet technologies that permanently altered the classroom experience. In what seemed like an overnight transition, universities began offering accredited, online programs that made obtaining a degree more manageable for working mothers, active duty military and established professionals alike. Grantham University is proud to have been at the forefront of that transition. Fast-forward to present day and we find history repeating itself! Thanks to rapid technological innovation, a…Read +

Part 2: Why project management is a good career path

(Editor’s note: You may want to start by reading Part 1 of this blog post.) Project management is an important element of today’s job market, with countless positions out there for those seeking careers in the field. Even for seemingly unrelated careers, many of the core skills that help project managers thrive can be useful. So, it’s no surprise that interest in project management education continues, especially at places like Grantham University, which is an approved education provider of the Project…Read +