Part 1: Why project management is a good career path

Project management is a valuable competency in the modern workplace. A study by the Project Management Institute (PMI) shows the presence of a project management team can reduce likelihood of failed projects, decrease instances of projects going over budget, and increase the chance of project completion ahead of schedule.1 An search, for example, on the term “project management” indicates more than 300,000 jobs currently available in the United States. 2 Now, many reading this may easily be inspired by…Read +

Why a Career in Medical Coding and Billing May Be Right for You

Do you love spreadsheets and day planners? Do you organize your clothes by color and season? Would you rather take a photo than be in one? A career in medical coding and billing may be right for you. Like you, health information technicians are methodical and detail-oriented. They’re also one of the few health care professionals who don’t provide direct, hands-on patient care; however, their skills are crucial to the success of hospitals, physicians’ offices and other related facilities. Simply…Read +

Top Three Benefits of Grantham University’s Career Launch Program

Earning your degree is only the beginning at Grantham University. From the moment you enroll, through graduation and beyond, our career services team can set you up for success and help you win the job you want. With development tools and one-on-one assistance, you can identify your key strengths, create a professional social media presence and begin building your professional network. Grantham’s no-cost career transition program, Career Launch, is tailored specifically to your needs and career goals. We provide extensive…Read +

3 Major Benefits for Grantham University Military Students

More than 67 years ago, a veteran founded Grantham University (then known as the Grantham Radio License School) with the express intent to transform the lives of transitioning military service members through education. Today, Grantham is still one of the few schools specializing in distance learning (online) for those affiliated with the military (active-duty service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents). Year after year, the university is ranked among the country’s top military-friendly schools, including its recent appearance on 2018…Read +