Scholarships for Online Students Do Exist at Grantham University!

 Have you always dreamed of going to college, but lacked the funds to do so? Are you more interested in an online education either by preference or necessity? Are you currently enlisted in the military? Luckily, there are scholarships for online students out there, so you can access the financial assistance you need to pursue a degree and advance your career. Below are some scholarships with upcoming deadlines at 100% online Grantham University, consistently ranked as one of the best…Read +

Keep Summertime Distractions from Derailing your Studies

School’s out for summer! Well, maybe for children, and even for many traditional college students … but not for you. You still have work to do. But the kids want to go to the pool, you’ve planned a vacation trip and yet you still have school assignments to complete. What is a 100% online college student to do?! If you’re still working and your schedule is the same, then your summer routine shouldn’t be much different. But if you’re home…Read +

The Lowdown on Commencement Regalia: Fun Facts and Pro Tips for our Grads

As we quickly approach the 2017 Grantham University Commencement on August 5, I found myself thinking back on my own commencement last August. I remember how excited I was to have checked off another item on my list of things I wanted to accomplish in life, and how amazing it would be to receive my hood in the beautiful, one-of-a-kind Kauffman Center. As I was ordering my regalia for commencement, I began to think about the tradition of it all,…Read +

Need Help Paying for College? Consider Non-Traditional Student Scholarships

When looking for a way to pay for college as an online adult learner, non-traditional student scholarships may be hard to find. Adult learners can end up paying thousands of dollars in tuition for an education they need to advance their career. That is why finding outside scholarships may be just what you need to help pay for college. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources. Many of these scholarships are based on merit or need, while others are geared toward…Read +

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