Discover the Value, Resources in Professional Networking

You’re likely familiar with the old adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” In today’s competitive job market, both sentiments are true. Having a quality education, career-ready skills and a strong professional network can make all the difference in your success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many employers require postsecondary education to not only advance to higher-level roles, but also for entry-level positions. Once you earn your degree, having a foot in the door can…Read +

Demystifying and Applying Your Military Education Benefits

Almost 70 years ago, a military veteran founded Grantham University with the intent to support his fellow veterans in their educational pursuits. Today, Grantham is still a military-friendly school, educating active duty service members, veterans and military families alike. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve those who serve, with in-demand degree and certificate programs, excellent support services and ways to help our military students maximize their tuition assistance and VA benefits. Grantham keeps costs low for these…Read +

7 Tips to Be Successful in an Online Learning Environment

Online learning comes with many benefits, from flexibility to affordability, but like any learning environment, you must be self-motivated to succeed. This is especially true as an online student, because you study and complete assignments on your own time, largely unsupervised. For someone who has never taken online courses before, the process of learning online can raise questions. How do I attend class? Turn in assignments? Work on group projects? If I have a question, how do I raise my…Read +

Discover the Benefits of an Electronics Engineering Technology Degree

When you were a kid, did you take things apart to see how they worked? Did you enjoy the challenge of putting them back together? Do you still do this as an adult, perhaps with your car, home appliances or children’s toys? The electronics engineering technology field needs inquisitive minds like yours. Electronics engineering technology – and the related, but separate discipline of electrical engineering technology – are complex fields that combine mathematics, science, engineering and technology. For passionate and…Read +