Working in IT: A Round-Table Discussion with Grantham’s IT Department

It can be hard to remember sometimes that the technology you use every day didn’t just magically appear. From your home security system to your phone, it all started with an idea. Then it was developed. Then it was tested. Then it was developed further — all this before it ever made its way into your hands. Working in information technology, more commonly known as “IT,” is about identifying areas that need improvement, creating solutions and, ultimately, helping others. And…Read +

How One Grantham MSIT Student and Systems Analyst Builds His Success Daily

At Grantham University, there are many important behind-the-scenes people who use their expertise to keep things running smoothly. As a 100% online institution, it is crucial to have an IT department that is diligent, knowledgeable, proactive and passionate about information technology and the imperative role it plays in allowing students from all walks of life to earn their degrees and advance their careers. That’s why it’s time for you to meet one of the members of the team, Quinten Sepe.…Read +

Meet Grantham’s 2017 FEW Scholarship Recipient

There’s a common trait among all Grantham University students that binds them together: Perseverance. Keep that in mind as we introduce you to Cindy Engleka. She is ever present in her community, an anchor for her family and she’s made personal growth a never-ending endeavor. We’re proud to honor this inspiring woman as Grantham’s Federally Employed Women (FEW) Scholarship recipient for 2017. Cindy has spent 23 years at the Department of Treasury, taking on “changes and challenges” as they come.…Read +

Getting Your Voice Out There: Self-Publishing with Greg Gildersleeve

Greg Gildersleeve’s career aspirations were bold as a child. If he’d had his choice, he would be playing hard rock guitar for a band. His sources of inspiration as a kid included Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, The Beatles, Deep Purple and The Guess Who. Sadly, a musical career was not in the cards for Gildersleeve. Luckily, he had another passion, which he was able to translate into a more stable and lucrative career path. Gildersleeve began using his extensive imagination to…Read +

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