Maximize Your Military Experience to Get the Most College Credit

Part of Grantham University’s mission for nearly 70 years has been to help military service members, veterans and their spouses earn their degrees. But we know that valuable learning also happens outside the classroom. As a veteran-founded university, we recognize the educational importance of military training. Grantham awards credit for this type of on-the-job (plus corporate) training and experience you may have that has been evaluated and approved by the American Council on Education (ACE). Prior national exams and certifications,…Read +

Tips for Saving Money While in School

If you’re like many working adults, single moms or military personnel considering their next professional step through higher education, you may be understandably concerned about costs. You might ask, “How will I pay for school? Do I qualify for financial aid or scholarships? How else can I save money while in school?” These are important questions — all of which can be resolved with smart planning and a few simple tips. First of all, there is good news. You can…Read +

What You Can Expect From Your Grantham Student Advisor

Have you struggled with assignments or time management in your online college courses? Have you had concerns about your progress and wondered what you can do to improve? Have you needed an answer to a specific question or problem, but didn’t know where to turn? Your Grantham University student advisor can assist with all of the above and more. The primary objective of a student advisor (or “SA”) at Grantham is to help you on your journey to graduation and…Read +

10 Self-Care Tips for Veteran Students to Combat Stress

 Grantham understands that becoming an online college student brings new challenges, which can cause stress. When left unmanaged, too much stress can affect your life and health. But with the right tools and support, you can overcome these stressors and improve your well-being. Read on to learn more about the services we offer military veteran students, as well as other self-care tips to reduce stress and put you at ease. Prioritize. The simple act of writing a to-do list has…Read +