Why Online?

At Grantham University, our focus is on providing you with a professionally relevant education at a convenient pace and format that works best for your busy lifestyle. As a fully accredited university, we have helped meet the educational needs of degree-seeking, working adults for more than 65 years. Today, we are proud to continue to offer a range of undergraduate and graduate accredited online degree programs and certificates.


Our 100% online format helps you study at a time and place that works best for your busy schedule.


Low tuition rates and scholarship opportunities are just two ways we help ease the financial strain sometimes brought on by college education.

The costs of online degree programs can be higher or lower, depending on where you look. At Grantham, students can gain access to many financial options to help cover the cost of higher education. Scholarships, grants, corporate programs and military rates are options that can help you to achieve the degree you want without having to explore outside funding or interfere with your family budget. Grantham offers competitive tuition rates that are among some of the lowest in the country.


Grantham’s online certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs can be a great opportunity for people that have a large concentration of personal and career-focused duties in their daily routine. If you are considering an online bachelor’s program through this university, you can take advantage of the flexible online programs that can allow you to continue working in your current position and engage in classes on your own time.

Knowledgeable Instructors

Credentialed instructors, with years of experience, provide professionally relevant coursework to your field of study.

Transfer Credits

Military education, professional training and previous college-level coursework are carefully reviewed for transfer credit to minimize time to graduation.

Support Services

Grantham also provides support services to adult learners that have made the decision to go back to school to further their opportunities in their chosen field. Some may find the decision to go back to college a difficult decision due to cultural stress or personal obligations with family or work. The fact is, more and more adults are enrolling in college due to the convenience of online degree programs and their usefulness in obtaining higher-paying careers throughout society. If you are a part of this large group of college prospects, Grantham is there to support you during your initial transition back into educational programs and finding a degree that can help you get the job your desire.

This school has been recognized for its outstanding support of military personnel that desire a college degree, as well as those within the general population. If you have the desire to obtain a bachelor’s degree to help you obtain a career you can be proud of, now may be the time to enroll and pursue your dreams.

High School Graduates

Grantham University offers great transitional support to upcoming students, regardless of their educational or professional background. New high school graduates are among some of the most common applicants to Grantham’s programs. Remaining fresh from their high school experience, these students are often ready to pursue their degree before engaging in real-world experience and careers. If you are at this level, Grantham can provide you with entrance support, placement testing and choosing a degree program that aligns with your future career goals.

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Grantham is Military-Friendly

Founded in 1951 by WWII Veteran Donald Grantham, Grantham University provides online, higher education for all adult learners, including our nation’s military for whom the university was established. Designated in 2019 as a Purple Heart University, Grantham is recognized as a Military Friendly School year after year.

With approximately half of our diverse student body being military-affiliated, our students quickly realize the real meaning of military friendly at Grantham. We offer convenient online learning and courses that start monthly. And Grantham’s special Heroes Program provides military, first responders and eligible family members a reduced $250 per credit hour tuition, plus complimentary textbooks and software, and no technology fees. With generous transfer credit for military training, experience and prior coursework, plus 50+ degrees and certificates, Grantham is proud to serve those who serve.

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