online criminal justice degreeWhat better way to find out how to succeed in your online criminal justice degree program than by asking the faculty members teaching the courses? At Grantham University, you have access to flexible, affordable education. However, you must also have the discipline, determination and drive to succeed.

Here are a few tips to be a successful student throughout your online criminal justice degree program.

1. Doing Well Means More than Just Getting Good Grades

It’s about getting a better grasp of the issues in criminal justice not only via good study habits, but also through practicing the art of skepticism. Criminal justice is a dynamic field, and there is often rapid change and much new information as current events unfold.

Since Grantham’s online criminal justice degree courses are only eight weeks long, you have to stay on top of your reading and complete assignments on time. Because remember, too much delay or procrastination can lead to rushing, and rushed work almost always equals poor quality.

While it’s important to use the lessons and course textbook to gain a foundation in criminal justice knowledge, it is even more important to regularly integrate outside reading and resources to add depth to your knowledge base. One way to do this is to compare information and articles from multiple sources, particularly organizations, websites and blogs that are political opposites to get a grasp of the bigger picture.

Plus, staying knowledgeable and current on your state statutes, Supreme Court decisions and local policy should be a habit. There is always liability in the field of criminal justice, and police and sheriff administrators look for candidates who not only know what they’re doing but also why they are doing it.

In short: read a lot, engage with the other students, follow the grading requirements and do more than the minimum your online criminal justice degree program requires!

2. Passion, Discipline, Inquisitiveness … and More Passion

Successful students are passionate. This means enthusiasm and interest for the subject matter. This becomes clear to faculty members when students are preparing papers and postings. It can be beneficial for you to have some experience in the field of criminal justice, but it is not required to feel a strong sense of passion toward the field. You can have no prior work experience and still do very well in the courses.

Successful students also incorporate research into their assignments and discussions, submit all work on time, and possess excellent writing and communication skills.

Inquisitiveness is also a quality of successful students in the program. It’s a willingness to look at issues and problems with a genuine interest. This interest is a prerequisite to learning, as it can force a learner (or a police officer) to look for causes and relationships. In this frame of mind, it is easier to understand a problem (or even if there is one) and then come up with the best solutions.

(More) Passion
Successful students are also passionate through their ability to be assertive. They are not afraid to stick their noses and minds into issues and discussions as opportunities to learn or improve. This may also reflect leadership capabilities.

3. Have Great Communication Skills: Written and Verbal

Great writing skills will serve you well in the field of criminal justice. This is important for all careers in criminal justice, especially for attorneys and law enforcement. Listening skills and a keen sense of intrigue will also help advance your career.

Being an effective communicator and understanding the context of where a person is coming from is crucial for a criminal justice career. Whether someone you’re working with is the victim of a crime, a local gang member, a parole client, a concerned parent, etc., really listening to and understanding the individual will help you communicate and become a better criminal justice professional.

4. Applying These Tips to a Career

The online criminal justice degree program is designed for you to progress through each course in a systematic manner, being introduced to new topics each week that build upon the previous ones. Each course covers the main points through an eight-week format. You are exposed to many facets of the subject through the reading, postings and research assignments. This ensures nothing is overlooked.

Earn Your Online Criminal Justice Degree from Grantham

An online criminal justice degree from Grantham can open many doors. Most law enforcement agencies consider a candidate with college experience to have an advantage in the hiring process and some agencies (particularly federal) require a degree for a candidate to be considered. A degree can indicate many positive qualities, which include initiative, willingness to learn and potential for professionalism.

The faculty members at Grantham have experience in the criminal justice field and bring real-world information to their students. As experts in their field, they can guide students into the professions they may be considering after graduation.

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