Getting in the Back-to-School State of Mind (Student Support)

As summer winds down and we start seeing empty pools, displays of pens, paper and notebooks, and big yellow buses, that can only mean one thing: It is back-to-school time again. No matter if you are continuing from one term to another (or even if you’re just thinking about continuing your education), this time of year still feels like a great time to get back into the swing of your school routine. The next new start at Grantham University is…Read +

The Power of Persistence

When you start something new, like pursuing an online degree, the first steps are exciting. You can’t wait to learn new things that will open up new opportunities. But earning your degree doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process that takes commitment and work. Trying to balance family, a job and classes simultaneously can be daunting. With grit, determination and the right program, however, you can reach your goal. The reward is worth it. Sometimes along the journey you need…Read +

Top 5 Misconceptions About Online Degrees

We use technology for everything these days. From ordering a latte to buying cars to keeping up with friends, everything in our lives seems to have an online component. But, for some reason, going online to earn a degree still makes some people hesitate. At Grantham University, we allow you to further your education on your terms. We believe you should be able to work and attend college without creating chaos in your personal life. And we know that an…Read +

The Power of Education (David Marker, Dean of the Business School at Grantham University)

As the dean of the Mark Skousen School of Business, I know the impact that a degree can have for students and their careers. But I see another impact that going to school has for our students—the impact on their lives. One of the best things about Grantham University is that it creates an opportunity for success for everyone who goes to class. I’ve attended, presented and worked at a number of private, state and open-enrollment educational institutions, but what…Read +