The Power of Education (David Marker, Dean of the Business School at Grantham University)

As the dean of the Mark Skousen School of Business, I know the impact that a degree can have for students and their careers. But I see another impact that going to school has for our students—the impact on their lives. One of the best things about Grantham University is that it creates an opportunity for success for everyone who goes to class. I’ve attended, presented and worked at a number of private, state and open-enrollment educational institutions, but what…Read +

GU’s Homeland Security Degree Recognized (Program Awards)

As the country continues to need personnel trained to protect our borders and keep our nation safe from threats without and within, many schools have begun offering programs to help students prepare for jobs in homeland security. But not all programs are created equally, and that’s why Grantham University is so proud of our Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security. Highly regarded At Grantham, the homeland security concentration within our criminal justice degree program…Read +

When to Ask for Help (Support and Tools You Can Use)

Grantham University understands there’s more to being successful in online coursework than reading the material and making comments in online classroom posts. It’s important to have the right resources at your fingertips, especially when you’re learning new concepts, getting an introduction to a brand-new field or dealing with a difficult subject. If you’re juggling school and work, family responsibilities, military service or other obligations, it can be particularly important to get help sooner rather than later. For a lot of…Read +

Grantham University Nursing Programs Receive ACEN Accreditation

Grantham University is honored to announce the Grantham School of Nursing has been awarded accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). ACEN has a tradition of ensuring quality nursing education, and Grantham’s School of Nursing is proud to have met their standards for accreditation. The Value of Accreditation One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a degree program is accreditation. Accreditation shows that a school or a program has been held to a high…Read +