An Accelerated MBA - Go Faster!I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been struggling with my latest blog assignment. I’m supposed to talk about Grantham’s latest degree option: the Accelerated MBA.

And I don’t know what to say!

Don’t get me wrong. This new Accelerated MBA option has a lot going for it. For one, like all of Grantham University’s degree programs, it’s 100% online. So, you know, it’s convenient – especially for busy working adults who have mouths to feed.

For another, the program offers all the same coursework of the traditional two-year program (accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education), just condensed into a 1-year, learning-intensive format. So, you know, it’s a quality program – perfect for busy working adults who are going places.

For yet another, the 8-week-long classes begin on a weekly basis. So, you know, students can start their degree program on their schedule – because busy working adults shouldn’t have to wait for a fall, spring or summer semester.

My real issue is ...

How do I say all that without sounding like a sales pitch? Especially when I comment on the real-world relevance of classes that can be updated online as fast as the business world changes? Or when I mention the almost absurdly low price point ($12,025) when compared to other fast-track MBA programs – on-line or off?

I think my best bet is just to state the facts and let my readers come to their own conclusions. Like I just did.

One more thing ...

I almost forgot to answer the question in the headline: What would you do with an Accelerated MBA?

I borrowed that thought from a blog we posted a couple of years ago by our now Dean of Foundations Faculty, Charles Cookson, DBA. Back when Cookson was thinking about pursuing an MBA, his father asked him, “What will you do with it?” His quick reply, “Put it on my resume.”

To be fair, Cookson also talks about the other benefits of an MBA program, namely an increase in pay and preparation for advancement.

But is he right? Or to take a slightly different spin on it ...

Is an Accelerated MBA actually valuable?

A better question might be, in today’s business world, does any MBA have value? Accelerated, online, two-year, fast track, full-immersion, specific concentrations, part-time programs, executive programs … do MBAs still make a career difference.

By most reports, the answer is … yep.

In a survey of MBA graduates who landed a job by April of 2014, Bloomberg reported a significant bump in pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Master’s degree recipients – a substantial portion holding MBAs – not only out-earn those who only attained a Bachelor’s degree, but are also more likely to be employed.

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