Accounting (Bachelor of Science)

The Grantham Accounting program provides a broad exposure to theories, principles and practices for increasingly needed accounting professionals. The accounting curriculum offers a solid foundation in business, management, economics and organizational behavior. At the completion of the program, the student has an opportunity to effectively apply the skills learned in audit, tax, information systems and general financial areas to a final auditing project offered in the capstone course. Learn More

Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Take your business career to the next level – maybe even a management level – with an online Bachelor of Business Administration from Grantham University. This IACBE-accredited program will give you the skills you need to evaluate business-related issues and could open doors to administrative and supervisory positions in just about any industry. Learn More

Computer Engineering Technology (Bachelor of Science)

The Grantham University Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Technology degree program prepares students with the knowledge and skills for a career and advancement as a professional engineering technologists, specifically in the computing and computing technology fields. The curriculum establishes a solid foundation of skills in advanced circuit theory and digital design, microprocessor and programming. Graduates will be able to design, test and implement computer and software systems in real-world environments. Learn More

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)

The objective of the Computer Science degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and advance as professional software engineers, developers and system analysts. Required coursework builds a foundation and broad base of skills in programming, databases, and systems analysis and design. Learn More

Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Arts)

The objective of the Criminal Justice degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and advance as professionals at the various stages of the criminal justice field. Required coursework builds a foundation and broad base of skills in advanced criminal justice theory and crime, the practice of law enforcement and the U.S. judicial system, which includes adult and juvenile corrections. Elective courses are available in law, homeland security and computer forensic investigations. Learn More

Cyber Security (Bachelor of Science)

The objective of the Cyber Security degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and advance in professional cyber security or information security roles. Required coursework builds a foundation and broad base of skills in network protocols, advanced security concepts and operating systems and system architecture. Courses are aligned to the Network+, Security+ and CISSP industry-standard certifications. Learn More

Electronics Engineering Technology (Bachelor of Science)

The objective of the Electronics Engineering Technology degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce as technicians. Required coursework builds a foundation in circuit theory and design, digital and analog electronics and computer programming. Learn More

Engineering Management Technology (Bachelor of Science)

The objective of the Engineering Management Technology degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and obtain increasing roles of managerial responsibility within a technical environment. Required coursework integrates the broader issues of business with the fundamentals and challenges of technological development and change through a business core of accounting, finance and management, coupled with a technology core in circuit theory, digital electronics and programming. Elective courses allow for additional depth in business, computer science or engineering technology. Learn More

Financial Planning Concentration (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The BBA with a concentration in Financial Planning concentration is designed to provide professional education for financial advisement to individuals and corporations in order to best meet their long-term financial objectives. This concentration is focused on advisement of long-term financial objectives by analyzing the client’s status and setting a program to achieve that client’s goals. Financial planners specialize in tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement and/or estate planning. Learn More

Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)

The objective of the Information Systems degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and advance in roles requiring the application of technology to information systems. Required coursework builds a foundation and broad base of skills in programming, web design and systems analysis and design. Elective courses are available in business, computer science or information systems Learn More

Multidisciplinary Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

The Multidisciplinary Studies degree program provides the opportunity for students to explore two disciplines throughout the degree program. This program is ideal for students who have a large number of transfer credits or credit for prior learning. Learn More

RN to BSN Degree Completion (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

The RN to BSN Completion Program builds upon the foundation of previous nursing education at the associate degree level to enhance the theoretical concepts of the science of nursing. The RN to BSN Completion Program is evidence-based and developed according to best practices using the following professional standards: National League for Nursing Competencies for graduates of baccalaureate education; Quality and Safety in Education for Nursing Competencies; and American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of Baccalaureate Education. The program incorporates both didactic and practice experiences in the curriculum with the practice experiences using both direct human interface and indirect learning situations that allow the student to apply concepts in the course to clinical scenarios in a simulated environment. Graduates are prepared to function as nurse generalists in a variety of healthcare settings. All students are required to complete a capstone project in a clinical setting. Learn More

Strategic Communications (Bachelor of Arts)

The Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication degree program provides a foundation of theories and principles in communication. This program is designed to optimize students’ ability to analyze situations from multiple perspectives; define and collect relevant information; and develop, present, and justify solutions or innovations Learn More

Grantham University online bachelor’s degree programs provide you the core education required to pursue the career you’ve always wanted or excel in your current position. Our bachelor’s degree programs are designed to be completed within four years, as well as fit into your schedule.

Why choose Grantham?

Whether you are new to the college experience or a well-rounded adult learner, there are several reasons to choose Grantham University for your bachelor’s program. This university has long been a reliable resource for upcoming college students who want a quality degree with the added convenience and flexibility of online programs.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Grantham’s bachelor’s programs is that the university caters to those looking for support, career salvation and success within their futures. This school can provide students with great personal support before, during and after their degree program, which is helpful for people of varying backgrounds. Learners that benefit from a person-specific approach to college may find that this university is a tremendous resource for degree support, learning and even degree transitioning.

Grantham University is a great resource and educational support system for those who have served in the U.S. military. In recent years, Grantham has received recognition for their service to military personnel and veterans, being named Top Military Friendly School) by Military Advanced Education and Transition 10 years in a row. Other organizations that have provided recognition to Grantham University include GI Jobs and Military Times.

The overall mission of Grantham University is to provide reliable degree programs to all interested learners in today’s society. Through reliable and researched educational programs, this university can allow students to pursue their career dreams without having to sacrifice quality for convenience. This school currently offers over 50 online degree programs and certificates that can help change the lives of those that choose to partake in them.

The costs of online degree programs can be higher or lower, depending on where you look. At Grantham, students can gain access to many financial options to help cover the cost of higher education. Scholarships, grants, corporate programs and military rates are options that can help you to achieve the degree you want without having to explore outside funding or interfere with your family budget. Grantham offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the country.

When is the right time?

Moving back into a life filled with courses and examinations is not an easy decision for even the most experienced learner. Students considering a move into a degree program may be unsure of the timing in comparison to their current lifestyle. If you have current obligations but also have the desire to obtain a degree, you might benefit from weighing the pros and cons of enrolling in a bachelor’s program through Grantham University. Deciding whether it is the right time for you to enroll in a degree program can be a trivial decision that requires some insight into your current position and your desires for your future.

Grantham’s online bachelor’s programs can be a great opportunity for people who have a large concentration of personal and career-focused duties in their daily routine. If you are considering an online bachelor’s program through this university, you can take advantage of the flexible online programs that can allow you to continue working in your current position and engage in classes on your own time.

New high school graduates are among some of the most common applicants to Grantham’s programs. Remaining fresh from their high school experience, these students are often ready to pursue their degree before engaging in real-world experience and careers. If you are at this level, Grantham can provide you with entrance support, placement testing and a degree program that aligns with your future career goals.

Grantham also provides support services to adult learners who have made the decision to go back to school to further their opportunities in the field. Some may find the decision to go back to school a difficult decision due to cultural stress or personal obligations with family or work. The fact is, more and more adults are enrolling in college due to the convenience of online degree programs and their usefulness in obtaining higher-paying careers throughout society. If you are a part of this large group of college prospects, Grantham is there to support you during your initial transition back into educational programs and finding a degree that can help you get the job your desire.

If you have already earned an associate degree or are second guessing your career field after already obtain a bachelor’s degree, it may be time to re-enroll in a bachelor’s program that can suit your needs. This university is a great place for students to exercise their right to free educational choice, whether it is initially or after some experience working in the field. Some people may feel stuck in their current fields due to spending so much time on a degree program or simply not being aware of their alternative options. Grantham’s support team can help students recognize their options and potentially help them become aware of degree programs available to them at all degree levels.

Grantham University offers great transitional support to upcoming students, regardless of their educational or professional background. This school has been recognized for its outstanding support of military personnel that desire a college degree, as well as those within the general population. If you have the desire to obtain a bachelor’s degree to help you obtain a career you can be proud of, now may be the time to enroll and pursue your dreams.