Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) provides students with a practical knowledge of a business environment. Students are offered the option of a generalized MBA (standard option or accelerated option) or a specialized degree program in one of two areas: Business Administration — Information Management (MBA) and Business Administration — Project Management (MBA). Learn More

Business Intelligence (Master of Science)

The Business Intelligence program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in technology and decision making tools that will contribute to their ability to collect, interpret and use information. This program integrates technological concepts within a relevant, functional business application framework. The program provides students with an advanced business education in the fields of technology and decision science. Learn More

Health Systems Management (Master of Science)

Ready to advance your Health Care IT career? Want to move into a Health Care management role? Grantham University’s Master of Science in Health Systems Management can help you find your way to a management career in healthcare systems. Learn More

Information Management - Project Management (Master of Science)

The digital landscape is littered with failed information technology projects due to poor project management. IT-savvy project management leaders are needed now more than ever. Learn what it takes to help IT projects succeed with a Master of Science in Information Management – Project Management from Grantham University. Learn More

Information Technology (Master of Science)

We live in a digitally-connected information age. Why not take advantage of all that connectivity to advance your career? Use technology to get the skills – and the degree – you need to pursue an information technology career. Take online classes from Grantham University and earn your Master of Science in Information Technology degree. In addition to insight into the latest information technology trends, you will gain career-boosting skills in technology management, business technologies, and systems analysis and design. Learn More

Performance Improvement (Master of Science)

The Performance Improvement program provides students with advanced skills in organizational resource management. Students are prepared to manage complex organizational challenges through performance improvement strategies and are adept at analyzing an organization, generating strategies to maximize performance and implementing solutions. Learn More

RN to MSN Bridge Program Option

Take your career to the next level with the 100% online RN to MSN Bridge Program Option. This program option gives you the opportunity to earn 25 credits in undergraduate coursework in preparation for Grantham’s Master of Science in Nursing specialization tracks. The Bridge option is only available to RNs with an associate degree in Nursing (ADN/ASN/AAS). Learn More