Computer Science (Associate of Science)

The objective of the Computer Science degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in entry-level computing positions. Required coursework builds a foundation in networking and web design and fluency in a programming language. The program satisfies the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. Learn More

Criminal Justice (Associate of Arts)

The objective of the Criminal Justice degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce or to pursue a more advanced degree in criminal justice. Required coursework builds a foundation in criminal justice theory and crime, the practice of law enforcement and the U.S. judicial system. Learn More

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (Associate of Science)

The Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology degree program provides students with the skillset required to enter the workforce as electronics technicians. Required coursework builds a foundation in circuit theory and design, digital and analog electronics, and computer programming. After completing this course, you’ll have a head start in earning your bachelor’s degree, as this program satisfies the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology or the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology degree programs. Learn More

Engineering Management Technology (Associate of Science)

The objective of the Engineering Management Technology degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce as technicians. Required coursework builds a foundation in circuit theory, analog electronics and business. The program satisfies the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management Technology. Learn More

Medical Coding and Billing (Associate of Applied Science)

The Medical Coding and Billing program provides the student with the skills needed to enter the medical coding and billing profession. After graduation, the student may take the American Health Information Management Association’s Certified Coding Associate exam, a medical coding and billing industry certification. Learn More

Paralegal Studies (Associate of Arts)

This degree program will become available on March 13, 2019. The Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies program prepares you to support a legal team with legal research, analysis, and limited interview and investigating duties, as well as preparing legal documents for client, attorney and court review. The course curriculum builds a foundation of legal support knowledge that students can use to start a paralegal career with a small law practice, large firm, or even a corporate or government legal team. Learn More

Grantham University online associate degree programs offer you an ideal foundation to continue your education and enhance your career opportunities. Our associate degree programs are designed to be completed in two years, and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to begin.

How long until I earn my degree?

When you are interested in getting a college degree, it is important to consider the monetary contributions required, timing and the level of degree you plan to pursue. For those that have not yet been involved in the college experience, this can quickly become a difficult decision to make. There are many options that you can choose from when you are ready to enroll. Some students choose the associate level path in order to test out a particular field before dedicating four years of their life to it through a bachelor’s program.

The associate degree is the first degree available to students interested in pursuing collegiate education. This degree program is a great option for students new to college education and can be a great way to gain some experience and knowledge in certain degree fields. While some people choose to pursue bachelor’s programs as a primary means for becoming college educated, more people are finding associate degree programs great options for a quick and easy career change.

The average associate degree can take around two years to complete for most students with a standard schedule. This is working under the assumption that the student is completing the general 60-65 credit hour requirement present at most universities. Since so many schools offer the option of flexible scheduling and part-time enrollment, some students may choose to stretch out their associate experience to three or more years to continue working full-time or simply not dedicate a lot of their free time to studying.

Grantham University currently offers several online associate degree options for students who are seeking a positive change in their life. These programs include subject areas such as business, computer science, criminal justice, engineering, general and multidisciplinary studies, and medical billing and coding. These programs were specifically designed to provide students with further knowledge into each of these highly diverse fields, in hopes of providing for more career opportunity for those that complete them.

The associate degree programs offered by this university contain well-researched material and are presented by experienced and knowledgeable professors. Most programs contain a 60-65 credit hour requirement, which is excellent news for students that are motivated to get involved and finish their degree as quickly as possible. Depending on what type of scheduling you require, you can customize your educational experience to fit in nicely with your other current obligations.

Benefits of an Associate Degree

Even though obtaining any college degree is a great accomplishment for college students, people often wonder what individual benefits a certain degree can provide to them. This is something to consider prior to filling out an official application. There are benefits beyond just the simple acquisition of a college degree, some of which can be foretelling of a student’s educational future.

The associate degree is an entry-level degree that can help learners become introduced into the college environment and set them on track for higher degree levels in the future. Some students choose to pursue their associate degree first in order to open up better employment opportunities to engage in while pursuing higher degrees in their future. This benefit can help you to earn more money while moving forward into bachelor’s level programs, which can make the transition to degree success much smoother for the average college student.

The associate program is a great introduction to the college environment for new college students. People that are newly graduated from high school may find it easier to transition into an associate degree program rather than jumping directly into a bachelor’s program. Most programs at this level begin with an introduction to general education components, which are similar to the material found at the high school level. This smooth movement into college-level concentration courses is a great way for students to prepare for success at higher levels.

Adult learners that are either initially enrolling or re-enrolling into degree programs may also reap the benefits of associate level degrees. These programs cater to those that are new to collegiate life as well as those that have been out of the educational loop for a long period of time. Since this entry-level program is so fitting for people from varying backgrounds, it is a great place to start for those that are unsure about their abilities or just ready to test the waters with their education.

Students that enroll in associate degree programs can complete this degree in about two years. As you may have read in the last section, this timeframe is extremely doable for the busy college person. The short timeframe of this degree program can allow for quicker advancement in a current career, less time spent focusing on school work and better expertise within your field. One major component of associate-level programs is the pricing. Students may be constantly looking for affordable programs that can meet their needs. Grantham offers associate-level degree programs that not only outshine others with similar qualifications, but are also at a price comparable to some of the lowest in the country.

Last, but certainly not least, obtaining an associate degree can help you get into fields that you may not have been able to before. Most career opportunities in society desire applicants that can prove some level of college education in order to filter out large numbers of applications received for open positions. Jobs that are focused on business and science may also require at minimum an entry-level degree, so that professionals entering the field have knowledge and experience that is relevant to the field in which they will work. Regardless of whether or not you choose to enter into an associate-level program, the decision to pursue a college degree requires in-depth consideration and research. The benefits of obtaining any level of college degree can nearly always outweigh the investment. Choosing to enroll in an associate degree program can only begin a journey that could make a difference in the quality of your life for years to come.