Alexander Ames, Ph.D.Dr. Alexander Ames is a full-time, virtual Professor of English with Grantham University.  He teaches EN101, EN102, EN301, EN302, and EN405.  In addition, he helps lead the English Faculty Group in GLife, administers the University's Writing Center within the Angel Learning Management System, and serves on the Curriculum Committee and the Academic Council.  Recently, he participated in the ad hoc faculty committee charged with revising the University's Academic Disciplinary Policy and Plagiarism Procedure.

With an extreme amount of work on his hands, it seems that Dr. Ames has taken on more than enough for one instructor; however, he consistently receives accolades for his dedication and passion for teaching and for his students and for his willingness to pitch-in and help when it is needed.    When asked what he enjoys most about teaching Grantham students, he commented, "I enjoy facilitating the intellectual growth of those students who enter a course."

Dr. Ames' purpose and drive for success comes from his realization that students can benefit most from their courses and master the materials and methodologies featured in the programs provided by Grantham.  "One piece of advice that I would offer any college student, but especially Grantham students, is to be proactive and intellectually curious both within their coursework and more generally," he said.

Ames' dedication to his work and students has really pushed the envelope for academia.  His own personal expectations and standards are truly an asset to Grantham University and to the students in his courses.