Grantham's Toys for Tots Holiday Toy DriveThis Holiday Season, Grantham University Life Changers had the great opportunity to play Santa as they collected toys for girls and boys with the Toys for Tots drive. Toys were placed beneath a tree decorated in yellow and blue bulbs. Just as snowflakes fall slowly at first, a few toys appeared and then started accumulating, eventually covering the floor.

Thanks to the support of Grantham Life Changers, Holiday wishes will come true for some local boys and girls that otherwise might have gone unfulfilled.

(Please try to keep the last verse of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in mind while reading this):

This Holiday Season,
Grantham elves gave to Tots
Sixty-nine arts and crafts for future Picassos,
Sixty-three ways for boys to drive their sisters crazy,
Forty-three games and puzzles perfect for a rainy day,
Thirty dolls and action figures to escape to another world,
Twenty-six sporting good to burn off excess energy,
Seventeen skateboards and scooters for future X-Gamers,
Sixteen cuddle buddies to serve as confidants,
Fifteen tools needed by fashionistas,
Fourteen books and DVDs to complete media libraries,
Six magic and science sets desired by any good mad scientist,
Five posters to perfect the ambiance of a room,
Three toys to help babies develop,
And a TALON in a pear tree!

Yes, we technically threw an extra day in there, but you get the point. That's a grand total of over 300 toys!