September 21, 2005 - Grantham University Campus Under Water

Online-college Grantham University, based in Slidell, La., is relocating to Kansas City after last week's hurricane.

"Our campus is underwater. It's crucial that we have to be up and running at all times," said Kristie Tran, who is the information technology director for Grantham.

KMBC's Martin Augustine reported that "up and running" is a tall order with Hurricane Katrina shorting out the electronic campus.

Tran is rapidly rewiring the school in new office space in Kansas City, where the university will teach and serve 8,000 students, most of which are active-duty military.

"Keeping myself busy helped keep the sanity," Tran said.

The anxiety she feels over her home in Slidell is topped only by the worry for her elderly parents. Unlike her, they did not leave before the storm hit. But they were finally located in Austin, Texas.

It all reminds Tran of the last crisis her family faced together. She was only 5 years old when they fled the chaos of south Vietnam as it fell to communist forces in 1975.

"We just had to leave. Kind of like the hurricane. Just pick up what you can, leave, and get out as quickly as you can," Tran said.