Degree Program Changes

A student seeking to change his or her degree program must be in good academic standing to be considered for a degree change. The student should carefully review the requirements for any potential new program. Students are responsible for reviewing and being aware of the requirements as stated in the Grantham University Student Handbook version effective at the time of the start of their new program. The start of the new program must correspond with the start of the student’s next eligible term.


Previously transferred or completed University coursework may not apply to the new program due to differences in the new degree requirements. Students must have documentation on file that all admission requirements for the new program have been met.


Students are allowed to change their degree program one time. Students may change degree level one time, as well. Any subsequent request to change degree programs or levels requires a request be made to the appropriate academic college, department or major.


To request a change in a degree program, the student should download an Evaluation Request form from the student portal and return the form to his/her student advisor. Upon receipt of this request, Grantham will evaluate the student’s record to determine applicable transfer credit.

All official transcripts must be on file prior to the evaluation. The student will receive the results of the evaluation within five to seven business days. Should the student choose to move forward with changing his/her degree program, the student must submit a signed Degree Change Authorization (Enrollment Agreement Addendum).