Teaching & Learning Center

Tutor.com LogoWhen you need academic help, we’re ready with TLC – also known as the Teaching and Learning Center. TLC provides a wide variety of resources and assistance, including 24/7 on-demand tutoring with Tutor.com, as well as tutorials, live chat sessions, webinars, the Math Center and the Writing Center.

In addition to student support, TLC provides professional development, training and support for all instructors. Offerings include asynchronous and synchronous webinars and workshops over a variety of topics, ensuring instructors stay abreast of the latest instructional best practices for online teaching and learning to help our students succeed.

Connecting through video chat

Our Mission

The Teaching and Learning Center enhances student learning through teaching excellence while helping students and instructors develop the skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in an online learning environment. Through tutorial services, learning strategies instruction, academic support and mentoring, TLC strives to improve students’ academic performance and foster personal development, while concurrently promoting best practices in online teaching amongst instructors.

Dedicated to Your Success

To help improve our students’ math, writing and study skills, the TLC is committed to:

  • Enhancing student learning and academic achievement
  • Providing academic support and resources for students and instructors
  • Helping students identify learning styles and develop effective study strategies
  • Improving the academic performance of students who are struggling with coursework
  • Providing professional development on the latest instructional practices for online teaching and learning

Students can access the Teaching & Learning Center for 24/7 academic support any time through their student portal.