work-life balanceAs a Grantham University student, you work hard to incorporate your online classes into your busy schedule. You find a way to complete your assignments between other obligations you have — your online education allows you to do that. Your education can fit into your schedule however you need it to, and it doesn’t keep you from wearing your many different hats. But if you find, at times, that you struggle to fit in life in addition to all the work you put in throughout the day, then we are here to help you find your work-life balance.

Grantham’s Interim University President Cheryl Hayek said it best: “I encourage you to take everything you learn in each course and apply it to your personal and professional lives. Impact doesn’t begin when you finish your degree, it begins the day you start it. We are proud you have chosen us to be a part of that impact you leave on this world. Through quality programming, flexible scheduling, support services, and engaging faculty, we, in turn, are dedicated to helping you do just that.”

While your education is extremely important, you shouldn’t neglect your personal life. Your education is designed to improve your personal life! Grantham is dedicated to making sure your online education allows you to work toward your academic goals while staying engaged in other important aspects of your life.

Thanksgiving is the perfect way to get away from the work and ease time back into your schedule that you can devote to yourself and your family. Here are a few ways to spend time with loved ones and put the life back into your work-life balance this Thanksgiving:

1. Volunteer

At Grantham University, we value the importance of service. It is a value we have maintained throughout our 65 years as an institution, and it sets us apart from other universities. It has led us to many experiences and can do the same for you and your family. What better time to give back to those in need than Thanksgiving?

2. Host a Family Game Night

Don’t limit getting the family together only to Thanksgiving dinner! Do you have family in town? Invite them over for a classic family game night! Pull out all the board games that have been sitting in storage, collecting dust for the past few years and put them to use.

3. Run a Turkey Trot

Turkey trot races take place all over the nation. No matter where you are, there will most likely be a 5K run (or walk) happening near you! Put on your craziest turkey outfit and get the family out for a race. But don’t miss the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

4. Cook Together

Not only is this a great way to get the family together, it’s a way to take your mind off work and school, and get that work-life balance back! Find out what families all over the country are cooking for Thanksgiving.

5. Look Through Family Photo Albums

In an NPR article, Clifford Lynch of the Coalition for Networked Information claimed that the “preference for the physical ... is probably generational and will fade.” Looking at physical photographs may change significantly over the next few years as it transitions into a more digital approach, so get the grandparents, grandkids and everyone in between involved. Looking through past experiences can be an easy and fun way to step away from your work and put some “life” back in your work-life balance.

Tackle Your Work-Life Balance as a Grantham University Student

As the Grantham constitution states: “We expect you to graduate. Therefore, we will work persistently to keep you in a consistent pace toward graduation. We expect, therefore, that you will be equally committed to stay the course. In the most honorable and service-minded way, your perseverance to stopping gaps between courses exhibits an admirable dedication: a promise to self and family to graduate for the benefit of your own future and that of the family and nation around you.”

To “stay the course,” it’s necessary to maintain a work-life balance. So, we encourage you to spend your Thanksgiving enjoying life!

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