When to Ask for Help – And the Tools You Can Use

Grantham University understands there’s more to being successful in online coursework than reading the material and making comments in online classroom posts. It’s important to have the right resources at your fingertips, especially when you’re learning new concepts, getting an introduction to a brand-new field or dealing with a difficult subject.

If you’re juggling school and work, family responsibilities, military service or other obligations, it can be particularly important to get help sooner rather than later. For a lot of us, asking for help doesn’t come naturally. It isn’t in our DNA. But getting an education is not just about having the answers — it’s about gaining an understanding of the important things you need to know that will prepare you for success.

Waiting until the last minute or being nervous about asking for help can make things worse and derail your progress. That’s why Grantham offers a variety of helpful tools to support your educational journey and set you up for success.

Tools you can use

At Grantham University, all students have access to the Teaching & Learning Center: our TLC. The TLC is a treasure trove of academic support and resources — from webinars to live chat functionality — that help students succeed in their courses. With access through an online portal, students can get help to improve their math, writing and even study skills.

Students can also get access to 24/7 tutoring through Tutor.com. These one-to-one sessions are an opportunity for you to get personalized help for your specific questions in a wide variety of subjects and to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your course materials, even beyond what’s provided in the reading assignments and lectures. Tutoring is available on-demand and through scheduled sessions, allowing students to seek help on their own schedules (like before work or after the kids are in bed) or during off-hours when it’s harder to reach an instructor.

Supportive advisors and staff

Professors at Grantham are eager to help their students thrive in each course they take. They make themselves available to answer questions, revisit lessons or help students prepare for exams. Student advisors are also on hand to help you create study plans, manage your schedules and find the resources you need.

Plus, the online modality of our learning system allows students to connect with peers any time to receive and offer support. You can chat with other students to gain new perspectives and to get help understanding key concepts and information. These are conversations that can take place day or night throughout your educational journey at Grantham.

Beyond academic help

Succeeding in college isn’t only about completing assignments and acing the exams. Much as they might like to, students at Grantham University don’t spend all their time studying and attending to their coursework. Being present at work, taking care of kids or other family members and, for our military heroes, navigating the transition to civilian life are all common factors in our students’ lives, so we try to get them the right resources to help.

While we know just how valuable earning an education can be, we also know that it can’t take precedence over everything else in your life. Here are some of our top recommendations for succeeding at Grantham University — and beyond.

Time management

Your most precious commodity is time. That’s why managing your time is essential. When preparing for your next course, get clear about how much time you’ll need for all your obligations — and stick to the plan. One of the best ways to do this is with a comprehensive calendar. Block out the time you need, not just for participating in lectures or completing assignments, but for staying active in conversations with classmates and getting your questions answered.

Next, factor in the time you need to be at work, time you need for caring your family and time you need for managing any other essentials throughout your week. Do you have enough room in your calendar to fit it all in? If you don’t, now’s the time, literally, to find solutions. Whether that means calling in reinforcements (enlisting a partner or a parent to pick up the kids from school) or reframing your day (planning to get up an hour earlier to focus on schoolwork before you head to the office), you can create a plan before you’re in the middle of a course and facing your first deadline.

Avoiding burnout

While you may find yourself trying to cram your calendar as full as possible to fit everything in, that may not be the best option long-term. Loading up your days week after week can leave you feeling frustrated and drained. You can’t be successful if you’re running on empty! It may feel counterintuitive to suggest making more time for self-care when your schedule is already packed. But allowing yourself the chance to prevent burnout will do much more for your success in all areas of your life than continuing to risk your well-being.

This also means ensuring you have a good support system. Whether you’re a parent, working full-time or returning to civilian life, it’s important to have someone you can talk to or lean on for help. This could be family members, friends, a therapist, coworkers or classmates. Make sure you can chat with someone about your challenges as well as your successes and that you get a chance to occasionally take it easy. You’re working hard! It’s important to laugh and to blow off some steam every once in a while so that you can keep succeeding.

Preparing for the workforce

As a student at Grantham University, it’s not just getting to graduation that you should be thinking about. Preparing for the next step of your career path — whether it’s your first job after graduating from high school, a new industry based on your degree program or a possible promotion in your current field — is just as important as completing your courses. Grantham’s career services department is dedicated to helping current students and alumni alike with defining your career direction, establishing a professional social media presence, networking, preparing your resume and getting ready for interviews.

Other career-planning preparation options can include joining the Grantham University alumni connections group on LinkedIn for advice and access to networking and employment opportunities. You could also register for webinars in our Career Booster series to participate in informative and interactive presentations about career development. And our no-cost Career Launch program is available to Grantham students and graduates who are preparing for any kind of career transition.

The team at Grantham University has one primary goal: helping you achieve the future you’re looking to create. It’s important to have the right resources available when you’re ready to ask for help, and these are just some of the ways the instructors, staff and administrators are prepared to support you from enrollment to graduation.

Whether you’re making the transition to civilian life, supporting a family or working full-time while you attend school, you can find the resources you need to succeed at Grantham.

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