better studentNot everyone has the opportunity to be a full-time student. It’s often easy for your job and other obligations to get in the way of studying, so it’s important to prepare early to make things easier on yourself when the going gets tough. You might be wondering how to be a better student. If that’s the case, we can help.

Here are five tips to become a better student:

1. Read the syllabus!

Step one for how to be a better student in higher education: read your syllabus!

It is a rundown of all the assignments and exam dates throughout the semester. At Grantham University, the faculty members provide syllabi for your productivity and convenience. Check out the syllabus during the first week of class and write out important deadlines in your calendar. That way you know what’s coming up and you can arrange your work around big projects.

2. Remove surprises from your work schedule

When you’re a student, you might not have the luxury of a set nine-to-five office job. Your current profession may require you to work odd hours, which can become a challenge when trying to earn your degree.

The great thing about online education, though, is that just because you work non-traditional times doesn’t mean you have to put your education on the backburner. As an online student, you can work around your job schedule, dedicating a specific amount of time to coursework outside of it.

3. Create a dedicated study time

Putting work shifts and coffee dates on your calendar makes sense. These are places where you have to show up at a specific time. However, studying for your classes isn’t always on the calendar. But it should be.

If it seems like one of those things you’ll get to eventually … you probably never will. If you really want to learn how to be a better student and earn your degree, you have to dedicate time to it. Carve out chunks of time for studying and put them on your calendar.

These times can be scheduled around your job, so they’re flexible, but will also help hold you accountable.

4. Sleep

It’s tempting to say that after you get off work, you’re going to go home and do more work (this time in your college courses) until 2 a.m. on the assignment you’ve put off.

But if you’re wondering how to be a better student, that’s not the answer.

And, on the off chance you are able to stay awake and finish it, is it really going to be quality work? Instead, go home, sleep and attack that assignment in the morning, when you’re fresh. It will still be there waiting for you. Experts say you should aim for eight hours of sleep a day/night, so why not try that out and see if your productivity improves throughout your waking hours?

5. Know your limits

As you try to figure out how to be a better student, know that balance is important.

Everyone’s situation is different, and it’s important to listen to yourself and honestly realize what you can and can’t do. Make a priority list and decide which obligations you can focus on and which ones you cannot (or should not) tackle just yet.

Maybe don’t take that extra shift at work if you don’t really need to do so. Or take one less class so you can more effectively dedicate the time you have. Whatever works for you to maximize productivity is the way to go. And remember, life is supposed to be fun!

Learn How to Be a Better Student at Grantham University

Working as a student is a unique challenge and one that everyone approaches differently, but it is doable. Just by reading this blog post, you’re already one step closer to figuring out how to be a better student.

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