Helping Active Duty Military Heroes Earn Their Degrees!

Grantham University has spent nearly seven decades educating military service members in the most convenient, affordable manner. Whether your goal is to rise up the ranks or prepare for your military-to-civilian transition, Grantham can navigate your military Tuition Assistance (TA) benefit and find the degree program best-suited for you. Choose Grantham and experience why we are named “Military Friendly” year after year.

  • Our online classes are perfect for the military lifestyle, allowing you to study when and where you choose, whether on base, in a tent or on the move to a new installation. And if you’re deployed, Grantham’s flexible policies help with that, as well.
  • Through our special Heroes Program, military service members and families receive a reduced $250 per credit hour tuition for any undergraduate or graduate program, with all textbook, software and technology fees waived. Plus, in the event that your TA becomes depleted, Grantham’s Everett Alvarez Resilience Scholarship can help bridge the gap until funds are replenished again.
  • To further reduce your education costs – and time to graduation – we will evaluate experience you already have for comparable course credit. By maximizing military training, life experience and prior college coursework, you can shorten your path to graduation by up to 75% and avoid taking unnecessary courses. We will walk you through the credit evaluation process, but a good first step is to order your military transcripts using the appropriate military branch link below:

Air Force – Community College of the Air Force
Army – Joint Services Transcript
Marine Corps – Joint Services Transcript
Navy – Joint Services Transcript
Coast Guard – Joint Services Transcript


Accredited since 1961, Grantham is approved by all U.S. military branches for TA and can help you explore your education financing options.

At Grantham, your military education benefits stretch further, allowing you to graduate with minimal to often no college debt. That said, understanding how to access and apply your military TA is important, and we are happy to help you get started. Each branch of the military has a specific TA process, which can take up to four weeks, so the best approach is to begin as soon as possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. After selecting the program or course(s) in which you’d like to enroll, meet with your branch’s Education Services Officer (ESO) to further understand your TA benefits and the options available. Click your branch below for more information:
  2. Request TA funds for your planned courses through your branch’s education portal.
  3. Army TA approval will be forwarded automatically to Grantham University. For other branches, make sure to send your TA authorization (ESO-approved forms) to your student financial services officer at Grantham.
  4. If you are using additional funding sources (such as Federal Student Aid), be sure to complete the specific, required steps for the funding before your first course starts.
  5. Once your eligibility is determined, you’ll receive a funding plan outlining the cost of attendance and eligible funds for the academic year.