Online Business Management Program (AA)

Online Business Management Associate of Arts Degree

Grantham University’s Associate of Arts in Business Management (AA-BM) provides you with basic management theories and best practices to implement in current and future career positions. Through our 100% online format and professionally relevant courses, you will identify principles related to each of the functional areas of business.

Business Management Program Outcomes

At the successful completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze organizational structures as they relate to mission and strategies
  • Apply basic theories and best practices of business managers and leaders
  • Communicate effectively
  • Identify basic theories, principles, and practices related to each of the functional areas of business
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills

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Course Highlights & Curriculum

Credit Hour Breakdown

Associate of Arts in Business Management Credit Hours 62
Total Credit Hours 62

Curriculum Highlights

Course Number Course Title
BA150 Principles of Business Management
BA260 Business Law I
MA170 Finite Mathematics
BA225 Managerial Accounting
BA330 Marketing Communications
BA420 Organizational Behavior

Full curriculum

BA101Introduction to Business3
BA150Principles of Business Mgmt3
BA181Foundations of Marketing3
BA220Financial Accounting3
BA225Managerial Accounting3
BA260Business Law I3
CS101CompConcepts and Office Apps4
EN101English Composition I3
EN102English Composition II3
GP210American Government I3
GU100Student Success1
HU260Strategies for Decision Making3
MA105College Algebra3
MA170Finite Mathematics3
Program and core:47
Electives (5):15

Additional online degree details

Degree level:Associates
Delivery method:Online
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Career Information

The Business Management program prepares graduates to enter into a variety of management positions in private organizations producing goods and services and government organizations at the federal, state, and local levels. For example, human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. They also may handle human resources work in a variety of other areas, such as employee relations, payroll and benefits, and training.

10-year Job Growth

In the next 10 years, the field of Human Resources Recruitment Specialists is projected to grow by more than 90,700 positions.

  • 532,900
  • 442,200
  • 2010
  • 2020
Total number of new jobs and replacement jobs
Year total jobs is an estimate

Average Salaries

If you choose to work as a Recruitment Specialist, you can expect to earn:

  • The top 10% earn$93,260
  • The median earn$52,690
  • The lower 10% earn$29,050
* Total compensation includes bonus. Salaries listed are dependent on prior experiences as well as the number of years of seniority.
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Business Management

During the 20th century, business management was dominated by a set of theories that were regarded, by business managers, to be thoroughly scientific. These theories sought to eliminate wasteful energy and effort, but often overlooked humanistic processes that can be beneficial to businesses, products and profits. A great example of this sort of business management is in the 1917 tome “Applied Motion Study” and its criticisms. The early 20th century saw much experimentation in business management, which lead to a compartmentalization of management specialties. Modern business management has become a more fluid and diversified experience. Business managers tend to oversee multiple and disparate processes simultaneously. Workplace democracy, a system in which workers make a great deal of the management decisions for themselves, has become more commonplace in the 21st century, as well. Business management is a dynamic and ever-changing field, as it relates to the economy, the social environment, the political environment and world affairs.

The goal of business management is to organize people and activities toward the efficient and effective accomplishment of desired goals and objectives. Elements of business management include: planning, leading, staffing, organizing and controlling an organization. Resources available to business managers include: financial, technological, natural and human resources. These resources are commanded by business management professionals to create a system and to facilitate the production of useful outcomes. Perhaps the most important priority for burgeoning business management students is to learn to manage themselves.

Business management differs from business planning in that the planning takes place at the outset of a project. Business management is the analysis and adjustments that forever take place in keeping a plan on course toward the planned goal. The six functions of business management, as described by French business philosopher Henri Fayol, are forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Fayol was one of the most influential contributors to the field of modern business management. Training in all of these endeavors has become the activity of modern business and management schools. The work of a business manager can vary widely, depending on the type of business management and the particular manager’s business management style. Generally, the business manager’s job is to insure the creation of a profit for shareholders or other invested interests. Proper training in business management and business administration will cover all possible endeavors in the quantifying of production, the management of people and mechanization, the analysis of detailed information related to business management, and the creation and implication of business plans.

Business Courses

As few as 10 years ago, earning a degree from an online business college was unheard of. Furthering your business studies meant taking time off of work or rearranging your schedule and changing your life to fit the demands of the business courses you required. It meant dedicating massive volumes of time and effort to the demands of the business courses, usually to the detriment of your ongoing life and family. Thankfully, the dawn of Internet technology has brought with it some relief for students who searching for the right business courses. At Grantham University, you can attend business courses from anywhere, at any time, while having access to the web for research materials and your virtual classroom at the click of a mouse.

Attaining your degree online can prove beneficial for people in any industry because it is a quick and convenient way of moving up the corporate ladder while obtaining real skills and knowledge from your business courses, which will help you along your way. Grantham’s business courses can tune an accountant into a financial analyst, a teacher into an administrator, or a computer technician can become a systems manager. The possibilities are immense.

The first step is to choose the business courses that will lead you along the degree path toward your long-term goals. What business courses are right for you? You could earn associate, bachelor’s, or even a master’s degree in business or administration at Grantham University. Enrolling in online business courses is the first step to finding the specialization that best suits you and your goals. Take time to research your own career and aspirations as well as which degree would be perfect for you. Business courses do require your commitment and determination; however, completing your business courses, obtaining that business degree, and getting the business opportunities and rewards that come with it will all be satisfying milestones in your life.

When you’ve carefully chosen the business courses that will take your career to the next level, Grantham is ready for you to begin. Grantham University also offers the general course instruction you will need to complete your business degree and make your business college experience a success. Whatever your choices, Grantham University certainly has the online business courses that are right for you.

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