All It Takes Is One ClassGoing to college used to mean attending a brick-and-mortar campus, living in dorms and taking full course loads. Today, universities realize the traditional college experience isn’t feasible for everyone. At Grantham University, we know you need flexibility in order to fit higher education into your already packed schedule. Our 100 percent online programs are designed to be completed when and where it’s most convenient for you, and all it takes to begin is one course. Every journey starts with a single step. Here’s why you should take yours today.

Skills for Life

Enrolling in college today — in just one course — can make an immediate impact in your professional and personal life. The knowledge and skills you will gain can be applied to your current job and may even help you advance in your company. If you decide to pursue a new career, you will have more qualifications to add to your resume and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, in your course, you will build interpersonal skills and the self-confidence to know you can do this and anything else you put your mind to.

Faculty & Peer Support

Do you have concerns about going back to school? Maybe you’ve been out for a while or you’re the first person to consider going to college in your family. At Grantham, we believe support is crucial to your success, that’s why we have support available 24/7. You can communicate with your instructor via chat, email, skype, text or call — whichever you prefer — and your classmates are just a click away. Your dedicated student advisor is readily available for any issues and questions you have. Your student advisor will also touch base frequently to ensure you are on the path to success.

Progress Matters

A few college credit hours is more than none. By enrolling in your first class today, you will be that much closer to a degree than you were yesterday. That alone is an accomplishment to be proud of. There is no time limit to achieving your goals. On top of that, you may be eligible for transfer credits that could save you time and money.

Eight-Week Classes

While some online schools follow the traditional fall, spring and summer semester model, we take a more efficient approach, one that makes transitioning back to school easier. Classes start every month at Grantham and last only eight weeks. That’s right — in just two months, you could already have some college experience under your belt. You can begin when you’re ready – and with no set log in times, you can complete your assignments when and where you choose.

Try a New Path

Have you always wanted to work in health care? Do you wonder what a business degree entails? Choose a class in a field that interests you and see if you may want to continue on that path to a degree. You may find a class, like Digital Electronics in our Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program, elevates your passion. Or you may discover an area of focus you never considered. Grantham has many options in business, criminal justice, healthcare and nursing, engineering technology, computer science, and more. If you aren’t sure which direction you’d like to take, our admissions team is ready and can walk you through all of your questions.

Keep Education Costs Low

Cost is always a factor in your decision to go to school, and we do our very best to help you keep your education costs low. In fact, our tuition is one of the lowest in the country. (Visit our website to see our fees and tuition rates.) Plus, you may be eligible for financial aid and can apply for grants and scholarships. And if you’re active duty, a veteran or a military spouse or dependent, we offer even lower tuition rates and know how to maximize your benefits.

Start With One Class at Grantham

If you are considering going to college, start with one class at Grantham University. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and skills you can use right away, but you will also receive unparalleled support and guidance from our encouraging faculty and staff. We want to see you succeed and achieve your dreams — one step at a time. Contact Grantham today to learn more about our classes and how to get started.