You Have a Degree...Now What?You’ve completed your degree. You’ve got your diploma. You’re ready to take on the world. Now what?

The truth is, earning a degree is just the beginning. If you are feeling overwhelmed about what to do next, we can help. The unparalleled support you get at Grantham University doesn’t end when we send you your diploma.

We admire the dedication you have shown in earning your degree and improving your career prospects. You had specific goals in mind when you started your degree program with Grantham, and we want to make sure you’re able to achieve them. Grantham has a number of valuable resources to ensure our graduates find professional success – even after their courses have ended.

Career Launch

The Career Launch program at Grantham University is a no-cost transition program for all students and alumni. If you are looking for that first career job after graduation, seeking a career change, or even planning a transition to a new role, this program supports you in developing the skills you need to pursue those opportunities and continue moving onward and upward in your career.

From resumes and interviewing to networking and negotiation, this program covers it all through a variety of developmental tools and one-on-one coaching. To learn more about our services or to ask questions about Career Launch, visit our Career Services page.

Professional Partnerships

Grantham knows what great candidates our graduates make, so we work with a variety of recruiting and community partners to connect them with prospective opportunities. We have forged these relationships to link our students and graduates with organizations who are seeking their skills.

While we’re helping you become an excellent job candidate, we’re also working with employers to help them find you. We even offer training and information sessions to our employment partners so they can get a clearer understanding of the skills that our students possess and the value that our graduates can provide their organizations.

Online Networking

The Grantham University Alumni Connections group on LinkedIn offers a treasure trove of resources, including employment opportunities, recruitment connections, professional development support and a community of Grantham grads who are seeking to build a dynamic network.

With more than 2,000 members in the group, this is a great way to get the advice and help you need. By leveraging this online group and becoming active in student organizations, you can quickly establish and build a vibrant professional network to support you throughout your career.

Monthly Webinars

The monthly webinar series that Grantham offers is called Career Booster for a reason. Whether you’re seeking your first big professional role or you’re navigating career advancement opportunities, these webinars are designed to share information and create an interactive discussion that can help you at any stage of your professional development.

From employer spotlights and Q & A sessions to resume support and how to work with recruiters, the Career Booster webinar series is worth putting on your calendar. Visit our Career Booster Webinar page to see the schedule for upcoming events and to catch up on past webinar events.

Military Transitions

Grantham University was founded to support veterans and military personnel. We know that making the transition to civilian life doesn’t end when your degree program does. That’s why we literally wrote the book on transitioning from the military to a civilian career. From helpful information about how to highlight the skills you earned in the military to learning about military education benefits and tuition assistance, this eBook from Grantham is designed to help our military students leverage their experience and prepare for their next chapter.

Ready to Succeed

Wherever you’re at in your career journey, Grantham University can help. Across the country and across fields of study, Grantham’s programs are helping students and alumni like you pursue their passions and create a career they can be proud of.

The Career Services department at Grantham is here to support you with one-on-one assistance at every turn during your job search and throughout your career. Contact us at (800) 955-2527 ext. 173 or email